Warm connections take place when it’s not all about you.

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I love so many of the 31 Day series taking place all over blogland, so I though I’d take a few minutes to highlight a few today.

It’s a big commitment to blog for 31 days straight, so I appreciate many of my “sisters” out there sharing their hearts.

Take a minute to visit some of these posts:

As a blogger, warmer connections take place when it’s not about you, but more about others.

What has been your favorite series so far?

The Finer Things in Life: Stop Assuming Everyone Else Has it All Together

Eat 2 Gather: I’m Not Comfortable Bringing Someone a Meal

Pensieve: Ten things to teach your children before they leave home for good

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Fabulous Pantries

Making it Merry: Thankful for people who care for my loved ones

A Subtle Revelry: A Simple Anniversary Dinner

Life in Grace: Inspiration at Julie’s

Jumping Tandem: Hospitality is Huge

Vignettes: The recipe everyone should have for fall

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