Day 14: Move Your Table to a Different Space

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for previous posts to this series) :)

When it comes to summer entertaining, nature always provides the best ambience for making your guests feel alive.

Try something different. Move your table to a different space, for a different feel.

Today I’m sharing a recent dinner party that our family had together.

I love how my sister kept adding tables, until she got enough seating for her guests.

We served ourselves buffet-style up on the deck.

And enjoyed being together down on the lower-lawn area.

My sister lives out in the country, and on this summer night, the extra effort that they put forth to get the entire family to sit together was so worthwhile.

It’s another aspect of summer entertaining that I love. We can be more creative outdoors because it often provides more space around us.

Have you thought about hosting a dinner party on your front or back lawn area?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

9 comments on “Day 14: Move Your Table to a Different Space”

  1. We recently hosted 5 couples for supper club. I had the 6 men all eat together at our kitchen table inside (with the a/c) and the 6 women outside on the deck. {The thought was that the men (especially) would connect so I forewarned my hubby to have some conversation starters. LOL.}

    After dinner we all came back together outside on our covered patio and played one of the games you suggested in your book, Sandy….the penny game. We had a great time and the men seemed relieved to have their (chatty) women back. :) We had also invested in having the backyard mosquito-proofed which helped immensely with making it more comfortable in the NC humidity.

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  3. In the midst of our property and building, we took some time to plant 3 grassy areas and they all actually would be perfect for eating outside…think I may incorporate that this summer

  4. Love it! We’ve been having our summer brunch parties down on our lawn by the brook right next to the blooming hydrangeas. Couldn’t ask for better decorations :-). So easy to move our light outdoor furniture from our deck down there, and makes it seems like we’re in a whole different world! I’ll be posting about it (w/ pics!) tomorrow!

  5. Love eating outdoors but, as I’ve probably mentioned here before, it’s entirely too hot in my neck of the woods to do that. Bummer.

  6. I always LOVE your ideas and entertain vicariously thru you and your blog. :o)

  7. This is exactly why I love the utility tables I have with extendable legs. Low? Coffee table on lawn for evening parties. Mid? Like your sis. High? Bar height on patio. I work hard on my yard; it’s the only place I entertain in summer months so it really is another room!

  8. I love how warm and inviting it looks…beautiful!

  9. I’ve always wanted to eat on a table in the middle of a field.;-) These pictures are inspiring.

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