Day 24: Music at a Summer Dinner Party

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for previous posts in this series) :)

The Sound of Music … You just have to have music at a dinner party!

One thing my husband and I have learned is that you need to turn the volume up a few notches when entertaining. It gets people talking a little louder, and overall creates a more lively atmosphere.

Music really does create the mood. Have you ever walked into a home that has soft classical music playing in the background? It makes you want to take your shoes off, and to speak quietly to one another, and maybe tip-toe into the next room. (By the way, I do like classical, but it has to be for the right event.)

How about walking through the back gate of a fun get-together on a hot summer’s night where the music is playing loudly and the guests are already having a good time?

Jazz, oldies, or bluegrass, anything lively, at good volume. It automatically speaks, “FUN!”

Our family uses or we plug our iPod in. You can hook up your computer to outdoor speakers. There are many new ways to get music playing to create whatever atmosphere you are looking for.

Do you play music when you entertain in the summer time?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

13 comments on “Day 24: Music at a Summer Dinner Party”

  1. Sandy, you have the most beautiful blog to go with your beautiful book and beautiful Christian spirit! Thanks for sharing all you do to help others entertain authentically.

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  3. Right now I’m enjoying Herb Albert and his Tijuana Band. . . . really puts one in a festive mood!

  4. I always have music on at parties, but I always keep it fairly low key. I prefer my guests not to have to yell over the music, because I generally don’t like loud anything anymore. I’m not old, and I love music, but I was at a 40th birthday party the other night and they were playing all hard rock. It was on a small deck, filled with a good number of people, with AC/DC playing very loudly. Just…no.

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  7. The first time I used Pandora for a party was for a baby shower. I created a station with lullabies. It was almost as popular as the food!

  8. We always have music on when entertaining friends. We turn it up as guest are arriving, turn it down a notch during dinner, turn it up again after dinner and then down again as the evening winds down. We load up the cd player or use Pandora. I am enjoying this 30 day series, thanks so much !

  9. Another wonderful series!
    I wrote to tell you last Fall how inspired I was by your 30 day series then. You inspired me to take our MANY gatherings to a new level that was, ironically, less stressful for me.
    I threw myself a wonderful birthday dinner party and at least a half dozen other parties since then. Always keeping your wise words in mind.
    Just this month we have had a Graduation bash and a backyard wedding reception. And in two days we will be having a Backyard BBQ to celebrate our youngest child’s 5th birthday.
    The words and thoughts you share here really flipped a switch for me last year. Somehow things got easier and so much more enjoyable. Thanks for that! And for another great series.

  10. I love background music….! so relaxing…music has its own magic :)

  11. Ahh music, sweet music. Since Sherrie and I both play muscial instruments, not in public, but we have played for years, we know and love how music can add to any event. We start with it a bit loud and then as the evening winds down we actually turn it down a bit, this helps wind down the evening. Using music and the volume that you play it at can actually be a way to let your guests relax and know that the evening is winding down and getting ready to end. As always I love your tips!! I finally bought your book and it is fabulous!!!! Sherrie and I both have enjoyed reading it!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  12. We enjoy playing music and you’re right it sets the tone…sometimes we find ourselves singing along!

  13. We ALWAYS have music at our gatherings, whether in or outside. I agree that you have to crank it up a few notches & play lively HAPPY music. A favorite of ours lately is Donovan Frankenreiter. If you’re not familiar with him – check it out! Love Pandora!

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