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Napkin Embosser | Reluctant Entertainer

It’s been a very busy season for me this past month; a little busier than I’d normally like it to be. At the same time, it’s been filled with meals, gatherings, toasts, laugher, outdoor concerts, fly-fishing, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old. It’s been a long month full of beautiful celebrations.

I think about the specialness of birthdays, the uniqueness of gifts from others, and then all the thank you notes that have to be written. Not really have to be written, but ones I want to write. I hope the art of writing real thank you notes never goes away.

thank you notes

My sweet niece, Lisa, who blogs at Run, Ride, Eat, gave me one of my favorite gifts this year. It’s hard to say “favorite gift,” but it’s true. This one was the icing on the cake. An embosser with “RE.”

She said she saw it, and thought it was perfect me me.

I agree, I am going to have fun with this new little gadget!

I already stamped up a stack of cocktail napkins, but I thought I’d ask my readers for your ideas. I can think of stickers, note cards, place cards, tags for homemade gifts …

I’d love to hear your creative ideas for this new beautiful RE embosser?

For those asking how to purchase one for yourself, the website is called Pick Your Plum, and the tagline is “get it before your neighbors.” You’ll have to check it out yourself, but this is where this special little gadget was purchased.

Fun concept!

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  3. Love this!

  4. What a heartfelt gift. i’ve always wanted an embosser for stationery, they add such a special touch.

  5. These little gadgets are awesome!!! You will really enjoy using it – on just about everything!!!

  6. How cute is this?! I would definitely use it for envelopes when I send thank-yous and such!

  7. can’t wait to hear how others use them … I have one and use it for marking my book & book marks & stationery – but not much else – it would be great to use it more!

  8. Love it.. I want one!

  9. Really good post, I’ll try it for sure :)

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