Money Can’t Buy … and Open-Face Caprese Bites

These Open-Face Caprese Bites are a delicous appetizer to serve before an Italian meal.

Open-Face Caprese Bites

Some of my greatest gifts I’ve been enjoying this spring have been gorgeous landscapes and views while driving, or working in the yard and garden with cool spring winds and rain.

Or sitting on the back patio, enjoying wine and popping a simple appetizer in the oven, like the Open-Face Caprese Bites I’m sharing today.


Being able to exercise outside and enjoy God’s gift-wrapped skies. (2 incredible Oregon skies from this past week.)

Open-Face Caprese Bites

“If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.” I love this quote!

If you want to feel rich ...

Life is full and rich, and I am thankful for the “gift of today.” Being Mother’s Day week, I can’t help but give thanks for my awesome kids, and all the mothers in my life who’ve impacted me in so many ways.

My friend Terri also adds an element of surprise this time of year as she sends us a “wish list” for ordering the tomatoes for our garden!


This year I have a few varieties coming from her rather large greenhouse, such as Golden Jubilee, Purple Russian, San Marzano, Cherokee Purple, Fantastic, Omar’s Lebanese, Black Mauri, and Beefmaster.

We’ll have several beds of tomatoes, and I’ll be busy making every tomato dish under the sun!

Open-Face Caprese Bites

You may remember my Roasted Strawberry Chicken Sandwiches that I made with chicken. This recipe is similar today, using tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and delicious basil (from our garden).

The perfect bite.

Try it and see what your guests will say!

What gift comes to mind for you, that money cannot buy?

Open-Face Caprese Bites


  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. minced garlic
  • 1 baguette loaf of bread sliced
  • 6 small tomatoes such as Brown Kumato, sliced
  • 1 lb. fresh mozzarella cheese sliced thinly
  • 8 fresh basil leaves chopped
  • Balsamic glaze optional
  • Salt and pepper


  • Turn oven on to broil (HI).
  • Combine olive oil and garlic, brushing on to one side of each piece of bread. Broil until slightly toasted, taking out of the oven.
  • Turn each piece of bread over, laying down a tomato slice, then a thin piece of mozzarella cheese, broiling another 2 minutes, until lightly brown.
  • Transfer bites to a platter, and sprinkle basil on top. Salt and pepper to taste. Option: Use a balsamic drizzle (or let your guests drizzle their own).

6 comments on “Money Can’t Buy … and Open-Face Caprese Bites”

  1. San Marzanos are some of my favorites, and the Sun Golds in the catalog are wonderful for snacking. Looking forward to watching your garden grow. 7 days to planting here. Soon. Soon.

    The caprese bites look divine, as always.

  2. I can picture you guys enjoying these beautiful caprese bites and your back patio. It’s so true that money can’t buy the best things in life!

  3. Love these little bites, perfect!

  4. Mmm….these look amazing!!! Perfect for summer!!!

  5. Yum that looks good! I love the gift of plant starts. So many of the plants I have are from friends and I love that…I love looking at them and knowing they came from a friend. Much better than buying from a store.

  6. Simple and delicious! What more does a person need than THAT?!

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