Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Last week, I hosted bloggers who came to southern Oregon for 3 days to visit Harry & David. The weather was so fantastic, as you can see by these pictures I’m sharing today, and it was a joy to have my wonderful friends into our home. Read on, as I share about the fabulous pear chalkboard tabletop and all the juicy (sweet) details of how it all came together.

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Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Keeping these 3 dinner party tips in mind, I couldn’t have pulled this big party off all by myself, so I’ve learned to ask for help.

Yes, I was running a bit behind, wrapping up the details, so here are some examples of how it all came together:

Don’t forget to ask for help!

1. I asked my neighbor, Ellie, for help. She cut up all the Granny Smith apples in the dessert and made the topping and the custard sauce for me. Sweet Ellie! I would do the same for her, if she needed my help!

2. My daughter took the photos of the beautiful table and the guests when they arrived. Thank you, Abby! She and my niece also helped set out the NEW cool chalkboard wine glasses.

3. My dear friend, Jessica, came around 3 to help out with odds and end jobs. She helped put together appetizers, went to the store for ice, helped me wipe out our NEW Mikasa chalk board wine glasses, and lots of miscellaneous jobs. LOTS of jobs. Jessica was a lifesaver.

4. Our friends Stephen and Judy came early. I’m glad they did. Judy said she’d never seen me so flustered right before a party. I was indeed.

5. My husband, Paul, is a Rock Star. We’ve been doing this together long enough now, and we know how to pull it all together. He’s in charge of the music, and he does a fabulous job! He’s also a great conversationalist, and makes everyone feel so welcome. (Below, Paul and Judy.)

Pear Chalk Board Tabletop

Once the guests came, I started having fun!

It always works that way. What’s done is done. Right?

Earlier, our friends from Rosewood Vintage in Medford brought 2 of their tables and benches over. Loved the benches on the side and mix-matched chairs on the end.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Our dear friends, Carol and Susie, at Penny and Lu Lu, put together the cutest flower boxes. Chalkboard boxes filled with Harry & David Comice pears, branches, and leaves. Beautiful and perfect for the chalkboard theme!

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

On the outside they wrote sweet sayings like, So Juicy, and So Sweet, So Juicy, You can Eat them with a Spoon.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

And, to top it off, we had hand-written place cards with different varieties of pears drawn on each card. So sweet!

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

What I loved about each place setting was that I primarily used what I already had on hand.

That’s the best kind of party!

Here’s what was involved in the Pear Chalkboard Tabletop:

Runner: I bought a chalkboard table runner roll of paper when I was in Kohler, WI, the weekend before, at Kohler Gardener shop. We ran 1 large piece down the center of the table.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Chargers: I used the bronze chargers I had purchased last year at Michael’s.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Black plates, glass salad plates, water glasses: Dollar Store.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Chalk Board base wine glass: Mikasa – but you can purchase them at Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond.


They were So easy to use. You write with chalk, and the chalk rubs right off. Brilliant – perfect for the holidays!

Pear Dinner Party

The next morning, cute chalkboard doodles on the table from the night before made me smile. Fun! :)

chalkboard paper

And I really love this photo at dusk, as the night was closing in, and the party was well on its way.

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Great “sweet” friends on a beautiful evening in the Rogue Valley. (The group minus a few guests who arrived late: Lindsay, Ali, Melissa, Angie, Robyn, Shelly, me, CassieJudy, and Julie – missing the late arrivers, Helen, Gina, Amanda and Michael!)

Pear Chalkboard Table Setting

Even with a few late guests, I’ve learned the party still goes on.

Having the attitude that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and learning to go with the flow is key!

It’s too easy to be stressed, and wish the party was over before it’s barely begun. I don’t want to be that kind of hostess.

Pear Dinner Party

Eventually, we were all together. One big happy Harry & David Family!

What’s your favorite part about hosting a dinner party?

Coming up … the menu, and the fabulous appetizers using Harry & David products! Tabletop last year had a pumpkin theme. Check it out, here.