Delicious Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe . Follow the easy instructions, peel and enjoy in the most delicious egg recipes!

Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

Friends, if you’re looking for how to make soft boiled eggs, my method for the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe is superior. It works every time.

You know, when you run the eggs under water and peel them, and the shells just peel and fall right off? Like served in this Miso Soup Recipe with Soft Boiled Eggs, or this 7-minute Caprese Breakfast?

Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

That is the perfect soft boiled egg! Delicious to eat alone, or to serve with recipes, today I’m sharing my easy method!

How to make the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

How to make soft boiled eggs

Soft boiled eggs are delicious served in many recipes, or eaten alone.

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, then carefully, with a large spoon, lower the eggs one by one down to the bottom of the pan.

How to Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

Bring the water back to a rolling boil and set the timer for 7 minutes.

Here’s where boiling eggs may differ. If you’re just cooking one or two eggs, five minutes is perfect for a runny yolk, but seven minutes gives a more firmly set, spoonable, yolk.

How long to boil an egg

For me, 10 minutes is the sweet spot for a hard cooked egg, and 7 minutes is perfect for soft-boiled.

How to make the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

When the timer goes off, drain the water and add in cold water. Allow to sit for a few minutes and repeat the process.

Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

The eggs are ready for peeling! Under running cold water, peel the PERFECT EGG!

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How to make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

Here is a list of delicious recipes for spring and summer that are made with a soft boiled egg: Carmelized Onion and Hummus Potato Salad [Country Cleaver], Tangy Green Bean Potato Salad [Nutmeg Nanny], and Egg Stuffed Tomatoes [Give Recipe].

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Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe


  • 1 dozen eggs


  • Bring a large pan of water to a BOIL.
  • By spoon, carefully drop the eggs to the bottom of the boiling water.
  • Bring back to a rolling boil, then boil for 7 minutes (10 minutes for hard cooked.)
  • Immediately remove from the heat and rinse with cold water.
  • Repeat the process; pour the water out and add in cold water. Allow to sit for 5 minutes.
  • Peel the eggs under running cold water; the peels will slide right off.


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EASY Perfect Soft Boiled Egg Recipe


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