Popcorn with Junior Mints and Pistaschios

There’s nothing like a night-time snack to munch on while watching TV or movies!

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Years ago, I learned the little secret of adding Junior Mints to freshly popped, warm popcorn, from my roommate and her best friend. (I think the year was 1989!)

Those girls never went to a movie without mixing the two together in the theatre, or making it up at home. And then I tried it … :)

It really is a yummy treat, and fun for St. Paddy’s Day coming up on Sunday.

This would be a great treat for a Sunday Night Movie Night!

Popcorn with Junior Mints and Pistaschios

You can also add butter if you want, which will hold it together better, but the popcorn we make is usually plain (fewer calories).

I use microwave popcorn, stock up on the candy at Dollar Tree, and the best place to buy pistachio nuts is to buy the bag from Costco. Lately we’ve been eating a lot of pistachios (did you try this Pistachio Lime Baked Salmon yet?), so the larger bag works for us!

Popcorn with Junior Mints and Pistaschios

Here’s what you need:
Your favorite popcorn
Junior Mints
1/4-1/2 cup pistachio nuts
Butter (optional)

Here’s how you make it:
Pop the popcorn.
Add the Junior Mints and pistachios.
Mix together. YUM!

Yes, the goodies fall to the bottom of the bowl, but that’s the fun part of eating popcorn while watching a movie.

The bowl gets devoured anyway, so it doesn’t really matter!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend!

Since popcorn is the new rave right now, what’s your favorite combination?