RE Friday Round-Up: What’s Your Favorite Wrap?

We are a “wrap” family for sure.

When it seems the fridge is pretty low on food, there’s always ingredients to make a healthy wrap.

I usually buy whole wheat tortillas, but sometimes I like to splurge on tomato or basil ones.

I’ve taught my kids to scope out the veggie drawer and just make it happen.

Be creative, make it bright and colorful (which makes it nice and healthy), and then drizzle your favorite dressing on top.

Heat, wrap, roll, and ENJOY!

Wrap ingredients:
Favorite meat, bacon, or salami
Favorite cheese (be creative, reach for a unique one you’d normally not add)
Red Cabbage
Fresh herbs

What are your family’s favorite wrap ingredients?

Today I’m sharing some of my friend’s favorite sandwich wrap recipes. I hope you are inspired with some new ideas with yummy ingredients!

Roasted Mushroom and Pepper Wrap from Aggie’s Kitchen

Buffalo Chicken Wrap from Bev Cooks

Grilled Apricot Chicken Wrap from Miss in the Kitchen

Hummus, Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Wrap from Savor the Thyme

Curry Quinoa Wrap from Healthy Happy Life

Raw Vegan Collard Wrap by Avocado Pesto

Healthy Shrimp Sandwich Wrap with Curry Yogurt Spinach from Cookin’ Canuck

Egg Wrap-and-Runs with Mushroom and Provolone from Three Many Cooks

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps from She Wears Many Hats

Crunchy Spicy Hummus Wrap from Small Kitchen College

Cumin Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Wrap with a Chilli Lime Yogurt Dressing from Maple Spice

Zesty Tofu Wrap from Dana Treat

10 comments on “RE Friday Round-Up: What’s Your Favorite Wrap?”

  1. Oh, yum! Love this collection of wrap recipes…all so different! I’ll be making some Asian style lettuce wraps this week – we do love wraps around here too! Oh, did you see the pic I posted on twitter? I tried your apricot/goat cheese appetizers when we had company last week, and I am in love! SOOOO delicious Sandy! Thanks for sharing that recipes – it’s sure to become a “regular” around here. Btw, I made half with smoked almonds, and half with honey roasted. Can’t decide which I liked best, they were both so good :-)

  2. I love wraps but usually only get them out since I’m a single gal and trying to keep the fixins around = stuff going bad. :o(

  3. LOVE wraps – in fact, I just posted one today!! All of these look awesome!

  4. Hi Sandy,

    WOW! All these wraps look so wonderful. We love them here in Texas – especially when wrapped in a fluffy flour tortilla. I love to take a Chicken Caesar salad and add a few extra veggies – grated carrots, etc. and wrap it all up in a tortilla. It makes such a wonderfully refreshing and light meal during our hot Hill Country summers.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Everyone of these wraps are mouth-watering! Thanks for including me and have a lovely weekend!

  6. Sandy, you are a doll for including me in the delicious round up! Wraps are not something in my regular rotation and I need to fix that stat. My 7-year old loves a whole wheat tortilla spread with cream cheese and avocado and rolled up though.

  7. Chicken Caesar wrap, baby!

  8. We’re wrappers too. I like to use flour tortillas, lay them right on the gas element of the stove (on low) and turn them to get carefully charred bits. Another trick, if I want a particularly Mexican flavor, is to put a corn tortilla on top of the flour one then put your ingredients on and wrap it up.


  9. I am always on the lookout for new ideas for Saturday lunches…. not wanting something boring, not wanting something that takes a long time. Wraps are perfect!!! Thanks for all these…. Happy Friday Friend!!!

  10. Oh oh oh DEAR.

    I could wrap my whole face around every siiiiiingle one of those wraps! Thanks for the linky love!

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