At Easter time in the Rogue Valley, you never know what kind of weather you’re going to get. This year we were so blessed with a warm, sunny day.

And wonderful friends who came and celebrated with our family.

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My sis came early to help.

Family and friends – making 16 around our table. We had our Chinese exchange student with us, which was a real treat.

Of course I had to add a table on to the end. My dining table only comfortably seats 8, so I keep an extra Costco table out in the garage for larger gatherings.

Blossoms and daffodils from the yard. No expense there!

I did splurge and buy 2 new Ralph Lauren matching tablecloths on sale. I’ve never owned a yellow tablecloth.

Yellow makes me happy!

Easter starts off with so many hugs. I also appreciate our adult friends who love on our teen kids.

Delegation is what we do best! Everyone brought a dish or 2 and we had a marvelous buffet meal.

The food was awesome! This year we enjoyed a ham (last year we had prime rib, the year before an Easter brunch), which is a yearly treat for us.

Everyone helped out.

Minor whipped up the beautiful drinks, garnished with a fresh pansy in each glass.

We held hands and sang our family prayer.

The gals gathered in the back yard for an Easter shot (missing Jeannie, who was walking through the garden/yard with my husband).

And then it was dessert time.

Did I say dessert?

We had yummy carrot cakes that Abby made with Beatrix Potter gummy worms.

Incredible white coconut cake with 7-Minute frosting from Jeannie.

And delicious Key-Lime Pie from Jenny.

The doors and windows were open, Vivaldi was playing on Pandora, the smell of yummy fresh-baked Challah bread and all the other dishes permeated the kitchen.

So much to be grateful for … family and friends. The freedom to come together and celebrate a beautiful event (The Resurrection), relax, catch up, soak in the sun, eat good food.

Easter is different when there aren’t little kids around, as we didn’t hide eggs or celebrate with bunnies, but it did take on a springy feel of its own.

And you know, once you get all the entertaining dishes, tables, chairs, etc. out … it kind of gets you excited for Spring!

I’d say that for us, this past Easter Sunday was our first entertaining moment where we’ve really segued into Spring.

How was your Easter Sunday and what was a highlight for you?