Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

My favorite way to dress a salad? It’s simple–olive oil and rice vinegar. It’s particularly delicious on this Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad recipe!

Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

Years ago, my family moved up from LA to Oregon, when I was a baby. I’ve lived in the Rogue Valley for 52 years. Hard to imagine living in the same place for so many years, but it’s truly beautiful here in Oregon, and a great place to raise our kids. One thing I love about Medford is the early spring tease in January or February, when the temps get into the upper 60s. (My sisters with me in 1965–I’m the baby. By the way, I love the simplicity of mom’s “special things” in her hutch.)

When the sun’s out in January, there’s a lot to do in the Rogue Valley.

My late winter faves.

Hike – Stein Butte (it was sunny above the clouds!)
Walk Haggis (our Cairn Terrier)
Host a dinner party (I hosted 8 ladies last night)
Start cleaning up the back patio
Work in the yard/garden beds
Do some spring cleaning inside (I’m getting ready for a giant yard sale!)
Lunch in the park with a friend
Walk through Lithia Park (Ashland)
Dream about the garden (start thinking about seeds)

garden seeds

A sweet hello.

Yesterday, it happened in our backyard. A dose of Spring Fever set in as I was doing yard work, and of course the animals were all outside with me sunbathing. It’s very rare that our 2 cats are this close together–Filly and Hobbes.

Oh, and a few bulbs were peeking through the dormant ground, as if to say hello!

Backyard January

I also brought a Manzanita branch in to spruce up the living room a bit, make it a bit more lively.

Manzanita Branch

When the sun is out, I tend to think “salads” for dinner.

Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad.

This Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad today is so fresh, and you can add chicken if you want to include a protein.

Salad dressings are divine, but they can also be loaded with lots of calories. I learned to keep it simple, especially on a salad like this:

-Olive oil
-Rice vinegar

I never measure; I just sprinkle a little of each on the salad, toss and serve!


If you’re still in the midst of a cold, snowy winter, I apologize for this post. There’s hope to come, and I love that about Spring.

What signs of “spring fever” are happening in your neck of the woods?

Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad
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Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

A fresh and healthy spinach salad full of quinoa, avocados, garbanzo beans, oranges, and red onions tossed in olive oil and rice vinegar. You can use any brand of orange, but Cara Cara’s are my favorite for this winter salad.


  • 6 cups fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 cup cooked and cooled quinoa
  • 1/4 red onion thinly sliced
  • 1 cup Bush’s garbanzo beans drained and rinsed (optional)
  • 2 Cara Cara oranges cut into small pieces
  • 1 avocado cut into small pieces
  • Olive oil
  • Rice vinegar


  • Layer the spinach in a bowl or large plate. Top with cooked (cooled) quinoa, red onion, drained beans, orange and avocado pieces. Drizzle with olive oil and rice vinegar; toss and serve.

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Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad

16 comments on “Spinach Quinoa Avocado Orange Salad”

  1. We went on a walk in the woods today. Trying to tap some maple trees & get some sap from them. I agree, winter is a good time to be outdoors, just be sure to bundle up if you’re north.

    Cute pics of you guys as babies. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nothing brings in spring better than a beautiful fresh salad! Love the avocado and orange in this yummy salad recipe. Great pic of you and your sisters!

  3. I enjoy your lovely blog! The picture of you and your sisters is adorable, and reminds me of pictures from the 60’s with my older and younger sister. I eat primarily a vegetable based diet, and have already put this recipe in my files! I also have a “twin” cat to your lovely gray and white one. I look forward to following your future posts. Blessings from south Alabama!

  4. The picture of you girls is precious, Sandy! I am of the same “vintage” and it brings back many memories. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. This is such a fun winter salad recipe especially with the addition of quinoa.

  6. Ahh, would love to stop by your garage sale!:)
    The salad looks delightful.

  7. Only in the recesses of my mind is Spring budding in my “neck of the woods”. (SW Washington) BUT I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS SALAD! And enjoy it!!

  8. Aaaawwww, such adorable girls!

  9. This salad looks amazing!

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