Spontaneous Get-Together with Fresh Beet & Feta Salad

Most of our friends love to get together and eat.

It usually starts with an invite, and then we get together at someone’s house to enjoy a tasty meal.

This time the invitation to an easy-going dinner party was for my house, and I invited my work-out partners and their spouses.

It was a beautiful summer evening, so we were able to eat outside.

We teased our friend, Kristi, because she wore her sunflower dress that her mom sewed for her 30+ years ago, which gave the evening a youthful, carefree freshness.

How many of us can wear clothing from 30 years ago?

Her dress that night was the fun “story” of the evening. (And she looked darling in it – bright with sunflowers.)

One disappointment from our garden this year has been the beets. We’re not sure what went wrong, but they are tiny and not growing the way they should. That happens sometimes with gardening.

So when I saw this beautiful jar at Costco, I quickly snagged it (and several others to grace my pantry).


I blended up a yummy cream cheese cream dressing (1/2 cup cream cheese) with horseradish sauce (2 Tbsp. of hot horseradish), a tiny bit of cream, and then about 2 tsp. of dill.

Oh, boy! Delicious.

The salad was basic greens from the garden, washed, dried, and spun.

Tossed with red cabbage and dressing.

Fresh ground pepper and feta cheese.

And lovely beets off to the side.

To me, beet salad is the essence of summer.

And I think everyone really loved it, too.

How do you use beets in the summertime in your cooking?

11 comments on “Spontaneous Get-Together with Fresh Beet & Feta Salad”

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  2. When I first read your title, Sandy, I laughed out loud. How clever, the beets and feta were having a spontaneous get together in a salad. My mind goes a little crazy when I see the word “beets.” Ahem. Heart them. In summer, we eat them in salads, as a side dish, as a snack food. We eat beets! Okay. I haven’t made beet ice cream or muffins. Yet. :-D

  3. I really enjoy pickled beets too. Like you I put them in a salad with feta cheese. I also like to add red onion to that mix. Lately I’ve added kalamata olives, beets and feta cheese to pasta salad.

  4. The salad looks delicious!! What a fun evening with friends, too!
    I noticed that you served Michigan beets….my home state. They are so sweet.

  5. Ok, I now need that salad. I am following you on twitter, hopped like a little bird over here and now I am craving BEETS. This salad is gorgeous and your post is wonderful stuff. I will be back.

  6. This looks so good and refreshing! I wish I was sitting down to some salad with you in your backyard tonight! Love ya girl!

  7. Love it! That looks so good. You’re amazing at entertaining…I need to do this more often with our dear friends. :)

  8. My kids love pickled beets- even the baby. I think this would be a huge hit in our house. Thanks Sandy!

  9. Oooh yum! Crossing my fingers for our garden this year! My green thumbs are not so green….

  10. Gorgeous salad. I adore beets. Sorry about the garden woes. I have a few of my own this year. C’est la vie.

  11. We’re fans of beets year round here. I often roast them when I have the oven on for something else. I like them just sliced and eaten as a side dish and especially like them in salads. Once in awhile I pickle a few.

    Your salad looks delicious.


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