Spring Cleaning with Quickie Household Power Scrubber

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

Because it’s spring cleaning season in my home in Oregon, I recently agreed to review the new Quickie Household Power Scrubber sent to me by Quickie Manufacturing Corp.

It’s good to be honest with readers. I do not have a maid or a housekeeper. Sometimes I wish I did, but honestly, over the years we’ve delegated a lot of the household chores to our kids! Even this week, with our 2 sons home from college, we’ve made lists, and they have great attitudes about getting in and helping with chores.

To our family, chores are part of being a family.

So here’s the fun cleaning pack that arrived! Don’t you love the gloves? :)

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

I couldn’t wait to dive in and use the new Quickie Scrubber. With the options for using it on stains, removing grime and tough jobs–particularly on tile, grout, and other household surfaces–I knew right away what my “test project” would be.

My first cleaning experience with the Quickie was on my gas stove top.

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

It’s the appliance in my kitchen that gets so grimy, and if I don’t stay up on it, the grime really builds up!

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

So I went to town with scrubbing and cleaning my stovetop. In my purdy new gloves! (I already had the Hip Hostess apron, which is one of my favorites.)

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

Here are some features of the Quickie Power Scrubber:

-Waterproof – which allows for use with water or cleaning solutions
-Handheld design – fits perfectly in my hand and is light and easy to maneuver around tight corners
-Uses cleaning pads or a brush
-With 4 AA batteries, it allows a long run time to help with big cleaning jobs
-It’s safe on tile, grout, and other surfaces

Nice and clean results!

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

I even did a quick scrub on some of my Le Creuset lids.

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

Sparkling and shiny!

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

I have a few spots on my hardwood floor that I may do a little scrubbing on, too. And later today, I’m headed out to our back patio to spring clean and spruce up that area!

Other kitchen ideas: Cabinets, cleaning out the pantry, scrubbing the animal’s food/water dishes, scouring my sink.

For now, here’s my shining clean kitchen!

Quickie Power Scrubber | www.reluctantentertainer.com

What’s your go-to favorite cleaning tool for the kitchen?

This post is sponsored by Quickie Household Power Scrubber, who sent me their product to review; but as always, all opinions are my own. The product can be purchased at Walmart.

6 comments on “Spring Cleaning with Quickie Household Power Scrubber”

  1. The quickie looks great! Thanks for sharing I didn’t know about it! Cheers!

  2. I love your apron !

  3. Wow that thing’s pretty impressive I think i’ll have to get one to help clean up my mess of a kitchen.

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  5. The gloves are so cute! Also, I’m jealous of your stove and I’m now jealous of how clean it all is :)

    Our family believes the same thing – that chores are part of being a family. Thank goodness!

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