Today I’m sharing the Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee in Seattle!

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

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Imagine starting a new, gourmet and boutique coffee company and experience in–of all places–Seattle? That would be like trying to redefine barbeque in Texas or Tennessee. You would have to do more than get the soul of the coffee bean. You would need to understand the soul of people, too. What they really want, and what their real story is as well.

Pike Place.

Well, Storyville Coffee at Pike Place has figured this out and more. It’s not just competing with the big boys either. It’s beating them, by redefining the coffee-ed lifestyle, which isn’t only about coffee.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Not only does Storyville provide incredible, stand-alone coffee, but being in their stores is like stepping onto a movie set, making you think that they should be called “Coffee Sets” instead. And it has a menu that is untouched by any other corporate coffee company. All food is prepared within 2 hours or less, and it is head and shoulders above any other food that you will enjoy in the Seattle coffee world. It’s delicious, expands your palette, and is delightfully quirky.

Our visit.

Let me share my experience with you. My husband, daughter and I recently spent a weekend in Seattle, the beloved coffee capital of America and perhaps the world. The weather was delightful as well, as it’s hard to beat a warm Seattle afternoon.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

We made our way up Pike Place, turning left at the famous market sign, and took a quick right up the stairs of the Corner Market building, then headed down the hallway to a place that we call heaven.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Heaven on earth is Storyville Coffee, when it comes to their amazing menu, décor and architecture. They do everything right!

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Besides opening at 6:59 am every morning, for all the morning risers and cinnamon roll lovers, they are now serving an evening menu, which has some people returning once and twice each day.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Sunset menu.

After shopping and experiencing Seattle, we made our way back up to Pike at 5 pm, because we wanted to try their new and inspired “Sunset Menu.”

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine


Starting with Provisions (appetizers), their housemade pretzels are served warm with your choice of 3 mustards: Classic Maille French, Spicy Kozlik’s Canadian Dijon, or Savora Mustard with cinnamon, garlic, and clove. All three were a great surprise! Although there’s a lot to point out about their specialty food, none of us have ever had a pretzel that tasted so good.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

We also let the experts order for us! We ordered their Savory Bite Trio and let Tim choose his favorites of olives and sweet spicy nuts. Oh, with pie crust sticks on the side.

They also serve a cheese plate and a charcuterie plate. One thing we learned is that the provisions are locally fresh and organic.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Wine and beer.

Wine and beer are thoughtfully selected, providing a wide range of taste and preference. Coming from Oregon, we were delighted to see our friend’s wine included in the white wine selection.

White wine: We delighted in the Irvine Viognier, from Rogue Valley, Oregon, because it’s one of our favorites—even if the owners weren’t friends, honest! It’s wonderful to try new wine, but when you have a favorite, it’s hard to break away. The Irvine white has a fresh apple and pear on-the-nose taste, with an elegant finish.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Red wine: The less expensive Zin rivaled the more expensive Cab, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Beer: Balanced and hoppy, Paul tried the Bear Republic, Racer 5 IPA. They also offer a gluten-free option to beer, the Wandering Aengus, Bloom Cider.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Hot and cold coffee.

Storyville serves hot and cold drinks, with their own plush and well-rounded roast. If you are used to the more common and over-roasted beans used by many others, you’ll be blown away by this new culinary experience. If you don’t want to eat dinner in the evening, Storyville Pikes Place is perfect for just coffee and dessert!

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine


This part of the menu includes fabulous sandwich combinations, served on bread that is baked in-house daily!

To be honest, we had a hard time deciding, so we ended up with several. They are quite large, as they are served in 6” squares, and then cut into 8 perfect triangles.

Did I mention the sandwiches are made without crusts? Sunset Menu is perfect for the kids, too! A few other suggestions are the classic egg salad, chicken salad, and another favorite of ours—Oregon troll-caught albacore tuna. This was served on our favorite potato bread, but they also serve whole wheat and a soft white that are gluten-free.

Their classic is a basic peanut butter with peppered strawberry jam and bacon. Yes, bacon!

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Handmade sweets.

Of course we had to try the chocolate cake. We shared it, but quite honestly, we wished we each had our own. Melt-in-your-mouth.

Their Waffle Damn Good? We could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late dessert. But I’ll write more about this later.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Not bar food.

The Storyville Sunset Menu is not your typical bar menu. Which is why you should experience it yourself. I don’t know about you, but I get really tired of bar food. It’s greasy, so unhealthy, so boring …

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

Our evening there last weekend was very Sunset-magazine-ish, with views inside and out competing for our warm attention.

The view out the large windows overlooking the water and the boats was remarkable, especially around 8 pm when the sun started to set.

Sunset Menu & Life at Storyville Coffee #Seattle #Coffee #Wine

And the decor was, well, very warm and inviting, pleasant and relaxing to the eye. Certainly all day, but especially at sunset.

It’s comfortable, relaxing, a place where you’d want to meet friends for a light meal and talk for an hour … or three. It’s really that hospitable.

The only thing missing? We wished we had invited more friends to hang with us at Sunset.

There’s always a next time, because it’s a warm place to chill, and we are in love with Seattle.

What do you look for in a coffee shop?

Our daughter, Abby, took these amazing photos. You can follow her on Instagram @Abbs_co.  Although Storyville paid for my trip, all opinions are my own.

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