Taking a meal to another family is easier than we think. Even for working women, it’s easy to help another family out when there is a death, crisis, new baby, or surgery – or whatever the need may be.

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If you have the mindset of cooking double, your family’s evening meal can be made at the same time!

But when you are in a hurry, there are quick and healthy options at the grocery store. This past week when my friend had surgery, Costco saved me! My favorite is to take ingredients to make a big chicken salad, along with bread to bake in the oven.

Always leave a note with instructions, in case the kids or whoever is helping with meals in the home:

1. How to bake the bread (temp and time)

2. How to make the salad

3. How to cook the corn

4. And then how to ENJOY the brownies :)

When’s the last time you took a meal to a family in need, and what did you take?