The textures of autumn are earthy and rustic.

I love to think of entertaining in the next month, outside in jeans and sweaters.

With possibly a rich, thick, dark brown tablecloth accented with autumn daisies.

Maybe the fire will be toasty with hot embers.

I recently purchased some new autumn-colored dish towels, fun to use as napkins. (Thank you, TJ Maxx.)

Burlap tablecloths for $10 each, otherwise known as “drop cloths.”

Leaves, pears, apples, greenery.

Burlap runners with grasses and the harvest.

Twine, baskets, and lots of candles.

I love the feel of the evening with friends we love.

The smell in the air.

The rich texture of the season.


What comes to mind when you think of autumn textures?

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