With the holidays here, and as guests walk into our homes, the first thing they may see is our prepared table.

The table that reflects great warmth.

The table that reflects hospitality.

The table that says:

T Take the time
A Ask the right questions
B Break bread
L Listen
E Empathize

I love chef Alton Brown’s perspective on the table. When asked what the most important tool in his kitchen was, guess what his reply was?

The table. It doesn’t matter how good you are at performing great culinary acts of artistry if there isn’t the place for communion to happen. The words “communion” and “communicate” come from the same root word: “common,” meaning “to make common, to disperse commonly.” So to me, that’s the real miracle of food. When you take away the table and the act of service at the table, everything falls apart.”

Those words hit me hard. Think about the time when there is a lack of communion around the table. Negativity, dissension, jealousy, judgmental attitudes, pride … plain ol’ being full of self.

That’s not what I call communion.The experience starts to unravel.

So my hope is that you will take the time to enjoy and love the people sitting around your table this Thanksgiving.

Are you looking forward to your “table” experience this weekend?