I recently went on a blogging trip to The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana, sponsored by Bush’s Beans. It was one of the best times we’ve had together as a group, in my opinion, partly because of the intimacy, the setting, and the fact that we know each other pretty well.

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We’re comfortable being around each other and that makes for a warmer experience.

The purpose of our getaways are to learn more about Bush’s Beans, their products, make new recipes with Jeffrey and Connie (Chefs who travel with us), and because Bush’s is so family friendly, there’s always a little fun included in the trip.

This time it was horseback riding, exploring nature, and as a blogger with a camera, we went a little crazy out in the wide open spaces!

Paw’s Up Resort was spectacular in many ways. The 37,000 acre ranch gave a sense of peace and calm. I’ve been on a busy schedule this month so the mountain air was what I needed.

Paws Up is North America’s premier luxury camping destination … just look at these cool tents!

We cooked in the outdoors, which I’ve never experienced anything quite like before. It was enchanting!

I’ll be sharing more recipes in months to come, but I wanted to say how thankful I am for my online community and some of the fun projects that I’ve been part of. The Bush’s team and the Edelman gals are just amazing.

One of the things I love, coming from a home where we have many dinner parties and “table experiences” with our guests, is that when our group gets together we seem to have long, drawn-out meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We talk, we sit by someone new, we learn more about each other and our families, we share ideas and do all the techie stuff that bloggers do. :)

Being so family friendly makes “goodbyes” not so easy.

The last night we snuggled up by the campfire on a beautiful Montana evening. Knowing we were going to be leaving the next morning, and exhausted from cooking, riding, eating, walking, playing, laughing, oh … and did I say eating? We were a quieter bunch.

Familiar just feels right. It’s good to be with friends.

Warmer connections happen when you’re comfortable just being you. When you don’t have to put on a facade, pretend you are something you are not, when you can ask silly questions, you can make mistakes in the kitchen and no one laughs or judges you, and when you learn to love.

There’s lots of love around the table with the Bush’s family. Oh, and you’re going to be blown away with some delicious recipes coming up here on RE using your favorite beans!

Do you think that intimacy or the setting has anything to do with warmer connections around the dinner table?

Here are the other bloggers who attended:
Amy: She Wears Many Hats
Kristin: Dine and Dish
Aggie: Aggie’s Kitchen
Katie: Good Life Eats
Laura: Real Mom Kitchen
Cheryl: Tidy Mom

And our fabulous chefs:
Jeffrey Saad
Connie Guttersen

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(Bush’s Beans paid for my entire trip, but they did not pay me to write this post today.)