I recently got home from a fabulous sunny mini-vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I was hosted by Thermador for a blogging event in their world-class showroom.

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We were able to cook on all of their exquisite appliances, and then eat, and then cook, and then eat. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve eaten this much food since last Thanksgiving! :) The family “feel” was so incredible as we ate our meals family-style and got to know one another.

The hands-on experience working in the Thermador kitchens, with some of their chefs, and with other amazing bloggers, was incredible! I really appreciated their passion for healthy foods, and especially Chef Brad’s inspiring presentation on cooking with and eating whole grains.

I say mini-vacation because my husband was able to join me early for our 20th anniversary! Yay! We went from depressing Oregon rain to glorious Arizona sunshine. It was a true gift. And I must say, I do love it when my husband gets to come on blogging adventures with me! I love that all of my blogging friends get to meet him and he loves to meet them!

So, back to Thermador. We arrived at their beautiful showroom …

As someone who’s passionate about cooking and entertaining, I so appreciated hearing the 75-year history of Thermador with Zach Elkin (Director of the Thermador brand), walking through their “oh-so-cool” and very stream-lined show room, (I could live in a house like this!), and more importantly viewing their BRAND NEW Thermador Pro Grand®Steam Range.

As Zach says, “Our new professional range empowers home cooks to achieve their best and experience the absolute finest in cooking, whether it’s healthy steam cooking, baking in the large-capacity convection oven, precise simmering on the Star Burners, or just keeping the family meal warm.”

I was so impressed with the performance of this beauty.

The unveiling …

Entire group of bloggers: Maggy from Three Many Cooks, Dana from Dana Treat, Kathy from Healthy.Happy.Life, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, Sarah of Tastespotting, Tabitha of Lady and the Blog, Linda of Better Homes and Gardens, Leslie of KB Culture, Susan of The Kitchen Designer, Robyn of Add a Pinch, Kate and Sarah of Our Best Bites, Tessa of Handle the Heat, Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod, Amanda of Kevin and Amanda, Anne of Fannetastic Food, Irvin of Eat the Love, and Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen

This new 48-inch Thermador Pro Grand Steam is the world’s first kitchen appliance to offer seven distinct cooking options — steaming, convection baking, burner cooking, simmering, grilling, griddle cooking and warming — with a combination Steam & Convection Oven, a large-capacity convection oven, a six-burner gas cooktop. WOW!

Cooking Innovation & Performance

–To maximize cooking possibilities, the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range offers seven distinct cooking options with four integrated appliances: a full-function combination Steam & Convection Oven; a large-capacity Convection Oven; a six-burner Gas Cooktop and electric grill/griddle option with ProCoatâ„¢titanium surface; and a Warming Drawer.

–The fully integrated 1.4-cubic-foot Steam & Convection Oven cavity is large enough for a 14-pound turkey, serving 15 people. (A 14-pound turkey takes only 90 minutes to cook in Combination mode, resulting in a moist inside and a perfect crust outside.) The steam oven offers 30 easy cook food programs, and its simple water tank design allows for convenient, spill-proof refilling, and eliminates the need for plumbing modifications during installation. (We cooked and ate 2 whole ducks – delicious!)

–The Steam & Convection Oven enables cooking without using butter or fat, improves overall food quality and appearance, and preserves healthy vitamins and nutrients typically lost during traditional cooking methods.

–Patented six Star Burners with QuickCleanâ„¢base, which allow for more ports and flame distribution, greater heat coverage and a smaller cold spot than conventional round burners.

–Power Star Burner offering 22,000 (Natural Gas) BTU, while the remaining burners produce 18,000 BTU.

–Four Star Burners featuring ExtraLow®simmering technology that cycles the burners off and on to as low as 100 degrees (375 BTU).

–Large-capacity 5.1-cubic-footConvection Oven offers maximum cooking space and nine advanced conventional cooking modes.

–Spacious 1.4-cubic-foot warming drawer holds up to 10 dinner plates.

(Kate from Our Best Bites)


–Highest-grade stainless steel construction and handcrafted in the United States with signature bull-nose design.

–Professional®Series handles and trimkits offer design consistency with any Thermador kitchen.

–New hydraulic SoftCloseâ„¢hinges prevent the slamming of oven doors, and SoftClose glide doors for the warming drawer.

–Full Access® telescopic racks with integrated easy-grip handle.

–Electronic oven display interfaces to cook timer, meat probe and preheat status.

–Commercial-style stainless steel knobs.

–Commercial-style temperature gauges and illuminated electronic displays.

So how does this relate to my audience and to many who are reluctant entertainers?

Thermador actually helps take the reluctance out of entertaining!

It helps you take the question marks out of your “performance” in the kitchen (you know, worries like … will it turn out? what if I overcook the food?), because of its 7 reliable features all in one.

The settings will not steer you wrong. Did you know that you can leave a plate of chocolate chips on LOW on the burner all day long? They will not burn! You can actually trust this appliance, which gives you more confidence in the kitchen.

And you can actually boil your eggs quickly in the steam oven! Brilliant!

Lastly, this appliance brings tremendous elegance to the kitchen. They are absolutely stunning!

I’ve heard from many readers over the years that they have this spectacular kitchen, but they hardly entertain! Thus, they come to RE for encouragement and the “you-can-do-it” spirit in my message!

Maybe you’re one with a beautiful kitchen, or you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, or possibly even just replacing one appliance at a time. I highly encourage you to at least review and read up on the Thermador products.

More of our Thermador experience …

The food we cooked and enjoyed together.

Great friends … some old, and some new.

(This group shot photo credit to Amanda.)

Maggie from Three Many Cooks and I made a scrumptious salad. I’ll be sharing the recipe here at RE soon!

Love these ladies, Kathy from Healthy.Happy.Life and Dana from Dana Treat. Dana (on the right) and I are part of a NEW Where Women Cook “Celebrate” book coming out this August 2011. This was our first time to meet!

Helping Robyn, from Add a Pinch make spring rolls.

Jayden, from Steamy Kitchen, is so classy and loved by all.

But what was really cool is that the Thermador staff wanted to learn from us! Yes, from us little bloggers, as we discussed the culinary trends taking place around the states and the world.

The whole trip was fascinating to me, so here’s a BIG thanks to Thermador for inviting me to come.

If you could replace one appliance in your kitchen, what would it be?

Thermador compensated my travel, room, and meals enjoyed during my stay in Scottsdale, but they did not pay me to write this post. It’s purely my opinion and a great honor to write about such an elegant, stately, and state-of-the-art appliance.