The Smell of Rain and Thoughts on Lingering

Thoughts on Lingering and The Smell of Rain |
The cooler weather is here, plus it rained a lot last week. But that is okay, I love the sound and the smell of rain. It just does something for my soul. It makes me want to grab a cup of tea and sit down with a friend for a visit.

I’m hoping you’ll find this post helpful, and will join in on the discussion.

The Art of Simple.

I’m sharing my thoughts on “lingering” over at The Art of Simple today, and I really think my post may help and inspire some of you who may struggle with busyness.

For the next few months, we’re all in this together—thinking about food, planning menus, coming up with guest lists, scheduling ourselves silly, spending too many hours on Pinterest for ideas on how to get the “best recipe” or plan the “perfect holiday party.”

But for me, this year I want my focus to be simpler, less busy, more intentional … and let me tell you why.

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I love Tsh’s blog, and right now she’s traveling with her family for one year, currently in China.

She is inspiring.

She wrote a book, Notes from a Blue Bike, and it’s filled with inspriation and thoughts on slowing down, and living intentionally.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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  1. This is a great article.I am y much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

  2. I had never heard of Art of Simple before, but I read that post and I really like it. Thanks! And I agree with you about the smell of rain. I used to live in a place where it rained often, with big thunderstorms and everything, and the sound and smell of rain has always made me feel peaceful and cozy. Thanks for the post.

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