This post is about wearing kitchen gloves while chopping jalapeño peppers!

I have a recipe coming up on RE that includes jalapeños …

… a lot of jalapeños.

The jalapeño is a medium-sized chili pepper that has a warm, burning sensation when eaten. A mature jalapeño fruit is 2-3 1/2 inches (5-9 cm) long and is commonly picked and consumed while still green, but occasionally it is allowed to over-ripen and turn crimson red.

When our friends came for Labor Day weekend, Steph and I were canning together in the kitchen and she suggested that polyethylene (kitchen) gloves were a must when cooking with jalapeños.

Brilliant. No more weepy eyes when your hand accidentally touches your face after chopping these little rascals.

Or feeling their effect the next day and the next …

Do you use gloves in the kitchen and if so, for what food items?

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