Day 17: Be Creative When you Run Out of Linens For Your Dinner Party

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for the previous posts to this series) :)

One thing I love about summer entertaining is a pretty table.

If you read my post, here, my sister added tables together until she got enough seating for her party of 20.

What I learned years ago, and when you’re short of cash to spend on expensive tablecloths (which you may need 2-3 of for a large group), is to use bed sheets.

Like my sister did, you can inter-mix a sheet and a tablecloth.

On my back patio, I recently folded and used a shower curtain as a table runner.

My friend, Krissy, who owns a very cool store called Terra Firma Home, uses extra fabric pieces table runners or tablecloths.

There are so many ways to be creative with your dinner table when you either run out of time or money.

Do you have a quick, easy, and affordable answer for table coverings?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

13 comments on “Day 17: Be Creative When you Run Out of Linens For Your Dinner Party”

  1. Beh, ho appena firmato e ora sto completando la mia introduzione messaggio … Sono sicuro che troverete un sacco di discussioni interessanti e suggerimenti utili su questo sito.

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  3. I often use pieces of fabric for tablecloths … that way I can match my decor that day and then sew with it later.

  4. I look for king size top sheets and use them for tablecloths when we have a large group over. The best part is they wash like a dream and dry with hardly a wrinkle so no tiring over the ironing board! I also used a few to make long, to the ground, round tablecloths for a party. They worked great for the tables we used, no seams, just measure, cut, and run up a quick hem! They saved us a load of money and the hostess was so happy to have them . We used an extra sheet to make a quilted serving pad for each table and matching napkins.

  5. As odd as it may sound, paint drop-cloths can work, if it’s a super casual event, and they cost less then $5, in most cases.

  6. I love this tip! I keep 2 twin sized plain white sheets just for this reason! And for making forts.

  7. Creative non-fussy ideas are great. Because we use duvets instead of a top sheet we’ve always had top sheets to use for tablecloths when needed. But if you’ve seen my tablecloth stash you know it’s very unlikely I’ll run out LOL!

  8. I love using quilts….

  9. This is a fabulous idea! I’ve also bought yardage of pretty fabric when it’s on clearance, just hemmed the ends and Voila! Instant tablecloth.

  10. clever! I’ve never thought of that idea! Tablecloths definitely improve a table immediately.

  11. I’m so glad you posted this! It makes me feel better about the things I have used that weren’t “proper” table linens. Most recently was the white sheet/extra fabric combination that I used for our Mother’s Day garden party. I loved the colorful, fun way it turned out. I’m still kicking myself for not ordering slip covers for those folding chairs in time to have them for the party, but overall we all enjoyed the table and the day! And like the above commenter, I’ve used burlap MANY times and LOVE the natural, rustic feel of it.

  12. I’ve used long pieces of burlap as a runner. Gives a really rustic look. Perfect for a cowboy party or a Hoe Down, lol. I’ve also used large round placemats down the center of a table by overlapping them just a bit.

  13. I have used sheets and fabric shower curtains, I usually search the Target clearance and you can find some really nice ones really cheap!! Great idea!!!

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