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Getting to know people takes effort. Friendships don’t just happen. It’s what we teach our kids: You have to be a friend to have a friend.

If you are a shy person, or you have a quiet family, challenge yourself to talk more to people. Encourage your kids to talk more to their friends and to adults. Kids need to be shown how it’s done, so it’s our responsibility as adults to teach them how to be hospitable.

Entertaining means that we have to put ourselves aside and be willing to ask others about their lives. It takes risk on both sides to forge a new relationship.

And when you’re not invited to a dinner party, or you’re not invited back, I wrote a post HERE on how to get out of your “pity party” and create your own party.

1. Discuss as a family which family you’d all have a good time with and invite them over.
2. Step out of your comfort zone of always inviting the same people over.
3. It’s okay to not invite negative/downer/gossipy people over.
4. If you want to grow more in your relationship with God and with others, invite people who can encourage you and your family in this area.

Usually when you’re invited to a home for dinner, it’s because those people want to get to know you. There’s just something about you or your family that they want to know more about.

Inviting takes effort. And summertime is an easy way to do it. People don’t even have to go into your house, if that is your fear.

Open the doors to the great outdoors and invite others in!

Are you planning a summer get-together any time soon? Would you mind sharing if you’ll be inviting family, friends, neighbors?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining