Yard Things and Bargains for the Home

yard sale stuff

This past weekend I happened to be driving by a yard sale that looked promising. You know what I mean, the stuff looked like it belonged in a store and not at the dump. It had great yard things, including a red patio set that caught my eye, plus other great finds for the home. (My instagram picture, minus the kitty, of course.)

yard sale stuff

Yard saling used to be a priority for us when our kids were younger. We bought soccer equipment, clothes, bikes, things for the pool.

And then for our backyard we bought a patio heater, furniture, garden tools – so many yard things.

We’ve literally saved thousands of dollars by being thrifty and yard saling throughout the years.

My finds this week included this red patio set for only $50. It was like brand new and our front courtyard area that Lowe’s helped us with last year was screaming for something RED.

yard sale stuff

This beautiful heavy tray added the pop of color I was looking for in this corner of our living room.

yard sale stuff

8 black salad plates for a few bucks. A small side table for the pool area. And my favorite … more than the red patio set, was the monkey tree.

yard sale stuff

A few sales this year have satisfied my longing for a few new things (new to me), because at the same time, we’re in a stage of life where we don’t want to hold on to too much stuff. We’re actually trying to get rid of stuff. So my philosophy now is if I bring something new into the home, I have to get rid of something.

It works. And it reminds me that I don’t want to be a collector of anything!

What are your favorite finds from yard saling this summer?

9 comments on “Yard Things and Bargains for the Home”

  1. The red looks fantastic, that patio set was a steal!

  2. oh and PS, I love your finds. they are awesome!!!!

  3. a great table for my covered porch with cubbies underneath it for storing shoes. Love it. Though the puppy did figure out how to get the shoes out of the cubby :( LOL

  4. This set looks great!! We haven’t been garage saling that much this summer, now I’m thinking we need to! :)

  5. Love that red platter! Red is a favorite accent color for me. :) Great finds, for sure. Farmers market and yard sale stops have become a Saturday ritual for us. I am with you — we stop for bargains, not junk. As our kids are now in college, we find things for them, a few photo/food props for me, and occassionally something for the house or yard. Most recently a birdhouse for a new yard project we are working on — it can be a lot of fun.

  6. We need yard sales like that around here! Love the red!

  7. Gorgeous. I also like big splashes of red outdoors. Super cheerful! Pretty much everything here at the farm is thrifted or excavated from estate sales, auctions, etc. We love it, both the hunt and the savings. I think my most recent find for the outdoors was a cool rusty iron bench for the garden. xoxo

  8. Something new comes in something old goes out. That’s always been my plan and it keeps your home from getting too cluttered. Your patio set is wonderful!

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