Camp Chef Oven and Zucchini Pizza with Pesto

This Zucchini Pizza with Pesto is a simple, delicious summer meal using fresh garden ribboned zucchini.

Zucchini Pizza

Glamping is a newer term for glitzy and glamorous camping, which for our family happened last week in our VW pop-up Westfalia on the Oregon coast. But first, it all started in our backyard when we tried out our new Camp Chef oven (from Costco), making a Zucchini Pizza with Pesto. Yum!

Part of vacationing together is the food that we eat. At least for me, camp food brings back great memories –Chili, tacos, and spaghetti were our top 3 dinners.

Zucchini Pizza

Times have changed now, and with “glamping”–which I believe was termed by Sunset Magazine–we’ve made it a little easier for cooking.

With our new red oven, I baked a few frozen cheese pizzas, but “glamped” them up a bit by adding fresh pesto and ribboned zucchini from our garden. We have tons of zucchini coming on right now!

Zucchini Pizza

Popped into our new Camp Chef oven.

Zucchini Pizza

Then we topped the pizza with fresh garden tomatoes! A little sea salt and pepper and – Wah-Lah! A delicious gourmet meal to get us in the camping (glamping) spirit!

Zucchini Pizza

There are more delicious recipes to come, like roasted veggies and tri-tip steak, a summer squash casserole, and easy brownies and cinnamon rolls. These are all recipes that baked nicely in a 9×13 pan which fit perfectly in the new oven.

I can’t wait to share what our experience was like (or, did you follow our trip on Instagram?), but for now–a quick, easy summer meal–stock up on frozen cheese pizzas and “glamp them up” with your choice of garden veggies!

You won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite way to make pizza in the summertime?

Zucchini Pizza

Use fresh garden zucchini and tomatoes + a quality frozen cheese pizza. You can also add additional cheese, if needed. This can also be grilled on a barbecue!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Servings: 2 -3


  • 1 quality frozen cheese pizza
  • Cheese optional
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup pesto I use DeLallo or Costco’s
  • 1 small yellow or green zucchini ribboned
  • Garden tomatoes


  • Ribbon zucchini with a potato peeler; set aside.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. On a frozen cheese pizza, spread the pesto (extra cheese if desired),  and place the zucchini ribbons on top.
  • Bake the pizza, accordording to package directions.
  • Garnish with fresh garden tomatoes; serve!

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17 comments on “Camp Chef Oven and Zucchini Pizza with Pesto”

  1. What a sweet little oven, love it!! We love grilling pizza in the summer…which reminds me…it’s been much too long since we have!

  2. Pizza looks so glorious, quick and easy…gonna try it soon,thanks for sharing :-)

  3. I saw these babies at Costco too, now if I only had a Westfalia.

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  5. Yum! A friend of mine just bought this oven….is it easy to clean? If I do pizza in the summer…i love to do them on the grill

  6. I fell in love with glamping – Mary Jane Butter’s style! (I think she’s the one that coined the phrase.) I’ve been reading her blog and magazine now for several years. This year, our children gave us the cutest little vintage camp trailer all decked out for our 40th wedding anniversary! So fun!

  7. We’re a grilled pizza family, but that oven is great for taking camping and on-the-go. Roadtrip 2014?

  8. Now that might actually get me to go camping ; )

  9. So pretty and I’m sure delicious! Love making my own pizzas – the whole family gets into it!

  10. Um, I adore your style of camping!! And this pizza, the perfect dish to serve up in the great outdoors!

  11. Hi Sandy,

    I just loved this post…”Glamping”…that is my style. The last time we went camping it decided to turn cold in central Texas in late March and hit a low of 23 degrees! I could have used that oven! LOL!!!

    The oven and your recipe look wonderful. I also had an idea – For any of your readers who live in a normally hot climate like mine, this oven would be a dream to put out on the patio or deck to use to cook dinner on a regular basis, instead of heating up the kitchen. Normally, outdoor kitchens can be costly, but this is the perfect solution for not busting the budget!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hope you and the family are all doing well! :-)


    • Mary, such a great idea. In fact, we got home from vacation last night and the house was hot with the air off, so we cooked our dinner on the back patio in the new oven! You just gave a great tip to many, Mary!

  12. I’ve been all over the grilled pizza lately – so yummy and perfectly charred! And seriously, I want to go glamping now. Looks way more fun than the traditional camping experience ;)

  13. WOW- how did I not know that these portable camp ovens existed. I HAVE TO GET ONE!!! Not only perfect for camping but would be good to have if we lose our power in the winter months. So excited about this. Life changing :)

  14. I just got a new gas grill, and we’ve been making pizzas on the it. They are so delicious. I love mushrooms and onions… or just a super quality mozzarella cheese.. I will have to try it with the zucchini ribbons

  15. Love camp food! This pizza sounds delicious!!

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