Oh, Baby! Mascarpone Marmalade Bites

My friend Lisa, from With Style and Grace, is having a baby boy!

I’ve had the pleasure of rubbing her cute little belly several times during her pregnancy, and I can’t wait for the precious bundle to be here.

I love babies!

Lisa and I first met a year ago at the EVO Conference in Park City. My husband and I felt an instant connection with her, as did our daughter. So much love in her eyes! She was like family! And since then we’ve stayed in touch. We’re thrilled for her new little family-to-be!

Showers are fun, but buying the soft, cuddly gifts are even more fun for me.

Today, other blogging friends (Gaby, Brian, Maria, and Marla) have joined together to create a virtual baby shower for Lisa, Ben, and their new baby boy.

I love the colors they chose for the invitation, don’t you?

Creating the right mood for an occasion can be as simple as selecting a few decorative elements and a color palette.

If you’re contributing to a shower, it’s always good to ask in advance about the color scheme the hostess has in mind.

Here, I’ve created delicate little sweet bites in the same shower “shades,” to use as an appetizer or a dessert, bites that will set the tone for a leisurely shower (see the list of bloggers below who are also contributing!)

The ingredients include:

Small wafers or chocolate covered pretzels
Mascarpone cheese
Marmalade jam
Pistachio nuts

The process of making these little bites was this simple:

1. Line a platter with wafers on one side, chocolate covered pretzels on the other.

2. Spread each wafter and pretzel with mascarpone cheese.

3. Dab a small amount of your favorite marmalade jam on top (I used Harry & David’s blood orange).

4. Top with pistachio nuts.

5. Assemble the bites right before shower time to assure absolute freshness!

As you can see, I’ve chose a platter that ties in with the shower theme.

What I tell my friends who are learning about hospitality and entertaining is, be creative! It’s okay to take a recipe idea or entertaining tip and make it your own.

In this case, is your mind swirling with ideas for how you could create your own small bites?

Wah-Lah. A simple platter of Mascarpone Marmalade Bites.

For you, Lisa!

Enjoy, and we can’t wait for Baby Boy Thiele to be born!

How creative are you when it comes to making small bites?


Here’s a list of the fabulous bloggers contributing today!

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**Yes, we know the invite says 2013. Mistakes do happen … :)


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  2. What a fun and easy idea!

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  6. These are too cute! Perfect for Lisa’s shower! I wish I could grab a few right now. Of course I will share with Caleb:) xo

  7. I wish I could jump through this computer and give you a big hug!! It’s been so fun getting to know you and your family, who I just adore. Now that we’re in the same state, hopefully we’ll get to see more of each other and for you to meet this little guy! Love these little bites – always perfect for a party! xoxo

  8. these look wonderful and so easy to make. I will be adding these to my list of goodies to make.

  9. I want some for lunch!

    (and I love that blue little ducky!)

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  11. Those bites look fantastic! I love that you went with the color scheme for your food. AND made the food not only match but look and sound wonderful. We must figure out a way to get all of us together to eat in real life…

  12. What fun! These little nibbles look delicious!

  13. LOVE this recipe and I cannot wait to try! And the photos are great! :)

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