FreshOver a Meal with Braised Pork Tacos

The last two months, I’ve been partnering with Rachael Ray and Ziploc Brand by using fresh ingredients and cooking fresh meals for my family and friends – it’s called the Great American FreshOver project.

As I cook extra food for one meal, I store the leftovers freshly in different types of Ziploc Brand products, and then turn around and serve them for a second meal.

My family members are all health nuts, and as they watch me cook with healthy food products, and see the benefits and efficiency of double cooking, I hope I’m teaching them well.

For easy clean-up, the leftovers go straight into the Ziploc Brand Containers and Bags. I also watch my family divvying up the leftovers in small Ziploc Brand products for their lunches the next day. Again, they’d choose healthy food over eating out, any day.

A few months ago, during the holidays, my family and I enjoyed some back-to-back entertaining, as in we cooked and ate the same meal two days in a row. I must say, it made entertaining a whole lot more fun and relaxed.

One weekend we made this delicious Rachael Ray recipe of Braised Pork Tacos, then turned around the next night and served it for some special guests.

You should have heard the “oohs” and “ahhhs.”

My family also commented on how fresh the food tasted, even on the second night!

A few months ago, we enjoyed entertaining a foreign exchange student from China in our home over the holidays, Victor. He brought an element of joy to our family, as we played hours of ping pong, went to parties, watched movies, and ate a lot of good food. :)

Having a guest in our home, for me, adds an element of putting a “spin” on cooking and stepping it up a bit more, plus, as you know, I love entertaining in my home. We want to create good memories, and for a foreign exchange guest, new culinary experiences.

I’d like to encourage RE readers to check out the Ziploc Brand Recipe Guide on Facebook for more recipes, and ways of eating fresher. And as a part of the FreshOver mission, Ziploc will be donating to Rachael Ray’s non-profit organization – Yum-O!, which is dedicated to helping children across the country develop positive attitudes towards eating fresh. I love this! Families can support the cause by “pledging” to start their family’s FreshOver project by “liking” the Ziploc Brand Facebook page, downloading Rachael’s exclusive FreshOver Recipe Guide on (more details below). With every download, up to a maximum of 50,000 downloads, between 1/1/12 and 12/31/13, Ziploc Brand will make a $1 donation to Rachael Ray’s Yum-O! organization on the fans behalf, for up to a maximum $50,000 donation. To further support Yum-O!, Rachael Ray and Ziploc will donate an additional $200,000 during the same time period, no matter how many guides are downloaded.

Do you cook extra when preparing a meal, and then “fresh-over” the leftovers for a second meal?

(I have partnered with Ziploc® Brand and am being compensated for my posts. However, my opinions on the product are my own.)


  1. I use the small round Ziploc containers for lunches most days – fruit cocktail, leftover salad dressing, yogurt, nuts – you name it, they go in there. So handy, no chance of spillage and easy to clean up. Love it. And what would my house be without Ziploc freezer bags? The best thing since Saran Wrap.

  2. We use a variety of Ziploc products every day. There are almost always leftovers from dinner. Those go in a Ziploc and into the fridge. Even one portion is enough for lunch for someone the following day. I agree with Heather, those small round Ziploc containers are handy. I often use them for coconut/lime jello – great portion control.


  3. My sister has Celiac, what can be substituted for the Mexican beer?

  4. That looks really delicious!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. YUMMY!!!! I sometimes make extras, or figure a way to use the leftovers.

  6. I just did this this week. We BBQ’s steaks and served them with sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato fries and asparagus. Then a few days later I carmelized some onions, and added green and red bell pepper and the leftover cut up steak and made some fajitas. Added olives, sour cream and served in tortillas. Both meals were delicious!

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