Turkey Bacon Meatballs–Once We’re Together, We Relax

I’m a mom of 3 teens and I absolutely love it when our family comes together. Last week even with the holidays–a little bit of honest truth here–it takes effort to bring everyone together for dinner. Especially with social kids, their many friends, jobs, sports, so much to do … our children are pulled in many directions.

But … once we’re together, it’s time to relax.

Often we’ll grab our plates of food and head up to watch our favorite television show, or in the summer, soccer games, or we’ll even sit together in the living room and just talk and eat. A very non-traditional way at times, but we love to change it up!

Last week I cooked this yummy recipe and I’ll be making it again soon – Turkey Bacon Meatballs. We love anything with bacon, don’t you?

Double or triple the recipe and freeze for last-minute-dinners!

You can serve the meatballs over fresh pasta, spaghetti squash, or even rice.

Have you ever tried adding bacon to meatballs?


  1. This sounds like a winner. Sometimes I find ground turkey a little bland and I’ll bet the bacon takes care of that. Good to have some make and freeze things on hand during the busy month coming up. Thanks Sandy!


  2. I’m SUCH a lova of the meatball. And even MORE a lova of bacon. So the fact that these are combined has me wiping vicious tears off my robe as I type.

    Nicely. Done.

  3. Yum, those look fantastic!! I love making turkey meatballs but bacon just MIGHT make them better… ;)

  4. I bet the bacon adds a nice earthiness to the turkey which can be bland sometimes. And I agree with you that it’s hard to pull the kids together – my own are grown, but my husband’s two boys (18 & 20) come home and we also try to just sit and relax with them. It’s the only way to really find out what’s going on in their lives – otherwise they are usually linked in to something.

  5. Who doesn’t love bacon? And in a meatball? Genius. FYI- we sometimes eat dinner on the floor. My son loves a good indoor picnic!

  6. Oh boy, that’s my kinda food. I love meatballs, and I’ve been eating more and more turkey lately. (Not because of Thanksgiving!).

    And then there’s bacon. I love bacon. These meatballs would definitely be a great way to bring a family together for dinner!

  7. Turkey and bacon- yum =) Pinning this to my “food” board.

  8. Just printed this!! Can’t wait to try. Thanks my friend!

  9. Oh Sandy…I love the look of these meatballs! I have never tried bacon but can’t wait to make these. I have some ground turkey in my freezer and now I know what to do with it! In the past, I have added chopped prosciutto to meatballs which is just heavenly but can get rather expensive! I have also tried chopped pancetta but love the idea of using bacon instead, as I really prefer the taste of American bacon over the Italian version.

    Thanks for the great idea!



  10. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I just printed it out & I cannot wait to make them for our family!

  11. I’ve never added bacon, but I will now! Thanks for the recipe!

  12. I do believe everything tastes better with bacon. I usually suffer through ground turkey for the lower fat component but I’ve also got 11 pounds of bacon that I’ve been curing this past week and will be soaking tomorrow; my mouth is watering at how much that bacon will up the flavor of turkey meatballs!

    No, I don’t eat that much bacon silly; it’s for holiday gifts!

  13. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to give it a try!

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  15. Hi — I am wondering what the procedure is for cooking these from frozen. I LOVE this recipe and am making some to freeze before our baby arrives. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. :)

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