10 Frugal Steps to Setting a Beautiful Easter Table

This week is one of my favorite weeks of Spring. I really love preparing for Easter.

I enjoy planning the Easter menu, thinking about the table, and cutting fresh flowers from the yard because our tulips are always in bloom.

This year I won’t be shopping for “new” tablescape items, because I’ll be using what I have from last year’s Easter table setting. I even have enough beautiful paper napkins left over, so I don’t plan to spend a dime on any added fluff.

Nature has enough fluff of its own, and I believe we need to think more in terms of nature when we set our tables.

Besides, nature is FREE.

10 Steps to Setting a Beautiful Easter Table

1. Count the people who will be attending Easter brunch or dinner.

2. Decide if you plan to serve buffet style, family-style, or if you plan to serve your guests individually.

3. Whether buffet style or serving your guests individually, you can squeeze more guests in around the table.

4. If you plan to serve “family-style,” then your guests will need more elbow-room because of making room on the table for the food.

5. Make sure your table cloths are pressed and ready for use. You may need to push 2 or 3 tables together.

6. Have your kids help you count out and get out the stemware, dishes, and silverware.

7. Make sure you have “springy” napkins for use. And remember, using paper is okay!

8. Have your children help you set the table, if they are old enough.

9. Look at the table and count out how many low-level mini centerpieces you’ll need and gather your vases. If you need to borrow, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends, or even your neighbors for what entertaining pieces you may be missing.

10. Cut fresh greenery and any blooming flowers from your yard and make mini arrangements. If you don’t have flowers, ask a neighbor or a friend if you could snip a flower or two from their property. That is all you need if you have greenery.

RE TIP for easy entertaining: Set your table the night before Easter Sunday, so it’s all ready when you wake up Easter morn. It’s one less thing to have to think about.

Entertaining in a frugal way really helps lessen the stress-level. It restores sanity to what could be very expensive, without sacrificing and taking away from the joy of the season. You can still have style, and focus on the reason for the day – and it really helps to set the table the night before :)

Will you plan on setting your table the night before Easter this year? And what about asking your family to help?

15 comments on “10 Frugal Steps to Setting a Beautiful Easter Table”

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  2. Lovely table, lovely ideas. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Happy Easter

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  4. We’ll be going to my inlaws for easter so I won’t be setting a table. I’m bringing some green beans, scalloped potatoes and maybe a salad.

    I love either roasting asparagus or cooking it on top of my stove in a bit of EVOO and butter and seasoning very lightly with whatever sounds good.

  5. What a beautiful table!

    I don’t actually set a table for Easter or Christmas – all of the food is set up on the big table and people can sit around it, or find seats throughout the house or if I’m lucky, in the backyard (there are usually around 20 people and I don’t have that long of a table!). I do have little springy touches around the dining room, kitchen and den, which is where most people congregate.

  6. It’s beautiful! I love that you used paper napkins, it makes it so much easier! This year my husband and I were invited over for easter lunch by a family in our church. It will be fun to meet some new people!

  7. Love this post. I have had our table set for our Easter dinner since the first of April. We have the blessing of having a formal dining room and a breakfast room, and my wife and I use the breakfast room for just the 2 of us. And for those of you wondering yes I will make sure and dust the table settings each week lol. Any hoo, actually we were a bit saddened this year because our son and his wife have recently moved to Fresno and are not going to be able to make it home for Easter this year, and this is the 1st year in his 26 years he will not be at our table, yes I want violins and a tissue please, I am not good at this children living in a different city thing yet. So we were thinking that we would just got to a restaurant with our son and enjoy a meal. Well today driving in to work my wife and I looked at each other and both said at the same time, ” We are NOT eating out for Easter!” So I have been calling some people who might be in the same situation as we are, kids away, and just them by themselves, and as of 10:30 am, we have 10 people coming Yipee!! So we are going to have a wonderful time with people who are in our same situation, share a meal, some good times, and a few laughs all the while celebrating our Risen Saviour! Thanks as always for the post Sandy, and your napkins are so pretty!!!
    Blessings to you and yours ~~ HE IS RISEN ~~ HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!
    Curtis & Sherrie

  8. No probably not this year but I will make our traditional Bunny Cake……You should have a mention and picture on Twitpic…..We will be celebrating at camp in the Texas Hill Country……excited.

  9. Wish I had better greenery- it’s pretty deserty around here, so I’ve got laods of rosemary but not a lot of pretty, flowering bushes! I’ll have to take a peek around the neighborhood.

  10. My momma always sets the table ahead of time…and all of us kids bring our specialty to every family function…whether it is a holiday or an informal get together. It make for great family time without one person feeling overwhelmed with responsibility.

  11. Love it! Fresh, Bright & Beautiful!! I have an slight obsession with buying pretty paper napkins post-any holiday season at Target for 75% off. It is always fun to go back through and find some treasures I purchased seasons before :)

  12. Sandy…your table is gorgeous!! And even though I love cloth napkins and sell them, I often use lovely paper ones as you did in the photo. Dramatic colorful napkins…especially with botanical or fabric-type designs really add a lot of pizazz to the table AND I don’t have to launder them later. Also…I’ve found that supermarket flowers are incredibly inexpensive ($4-$7)and using small ‘vases’ make them go even further on the table. (I can’t bare to cut my spring flowers.)

    Wishing you a blessed Resurrection Celebration!

  13. Love the frugal decorating! Your table looks lovely.

  14. oh I am hosting and you just gave me great ideas for my table – I have the same glass votives and small vases!!! Plus I love how your table is so pretty and you are using paper napkins!!!

  15. We are torn about what we’re doing on Easter. Our church cancelled the early service at 9 and is having one at 11:30 with a potluck afterwards- doesn’t work well with small children. Later services are a part of the culture here, though. So, we’re still talking…

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