Christmas … joy, peace, love, and giving.

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There are so many opportunities to be kind to one another, but honestly I think the hustle of the season gets in our way.

My goal for the next 25 days is to surprise myself by giving to others, even in the simplest way.


I’m calling it “25 Days of Small Gifts.”

Here are a few ideas:

-Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

-Overtip the breakfast waitress.

-Write a thank you note.

-Strike up conversation with someone in the grocery store.

-Take another family a “surprise” dinner and leave it at their front door (and include the recipe!)

-Overpay your babysitter.

-Offer to help remove groceries from the cart to the car for an elderly person.

-Have your kids tape a little money to a vending machine and write a note that says, “Candy Bar on US!”

-Go to lunch with a neglected friend.

-Help a coworker scrape the frost off their windshield at the end of a long day.

-Buy lunch for the person in front of you.

-Offer to do the dishes when it’s your kid’s “dish day.”

-Give a back rub to someone in your home.

-Shovel (or blow) your neighbors’ sidewalks too.

-When playing games with your children, let them win.

-Watch It’s a Wonderful Life, together as a family or with friends.

-Slow down and prioritize a date night with your spouse.

-Encourage your kids to share musical talents with the elderly.

-Hug a person.

The list can go on and on …

Don’t you think this is a great idea to share with your family? It gets us thinking more about others, less about ourselves.

What small random act of kindness comes to mind that you can surprise someone with over the next 25 Days?

(Top photo: My daughter with her Grandpa Milt. And, HAPPY DECEMBER 1, Friends!)