Table Setting with Mason Jars and Pine Cones

Illuminate your table with holiday warmth by grouping Mason canning jars upside down, pinecones up inside, and tea lights on top.

I love the elegance of this for a dinner party.

We have several dinners coming up this month that I’m looking forward to. This idea was from a few years back, but again … use what you have to make your table festive!

Have you thought about how you’ll decorate your first “holiday” table?

13 comments on “Table Setting with Mason Jars and Pine Cones”

  1. Great tablescape. Love the mason jar invert with candles floating on top. Your photos are stunning and again I envy your sparkly glasses. If you could manufacture those glasses and sell them, I bet you would make a killing…I’m just saying =)

  2. Hi Sandy,

    What a cute idea…and so pretty!

    For Christmas dinner I use a dark green tablecloth. It’s old and made of a very heavy cotton. On top I put a plaid runner. In the middle I put a huge cranberry colored reindeer pattern platter ((for the turkey) my husband gave me years ago. It’s so pretty, it’s a decoration in itself. I think it is Wedgwood. On either side of the platter, I use two large old pewter candlesticks with red candles. I think the whole thing looks very Colonial. Then I set the table with white dishes and cranberry colored patterned dishes similar to the platter along with green cloth napkins that match the tablecloth. It’s simple but I really like it. And it is easy as I do the same thing every year.

    Something my family and I also do, is to set the table a few days before Christmas so we really get to enjoy it. :-)



  3. Love this idea! I usually don’t set a tablescape, but am thinking I should start (C:

  4. I have all of the things to recreate this look, including the gold tablecloth. I’m going to repin it, too. Thanks for this beautiful and elegant idea.

  5. They’re a fabulous idea. You would never know that they are canning jars ~ all dressed up making the table so atmospheric! As usual your photos are stunning.
    I’ve just heard a ‘guesstimate’ that we may be eating our Christmas Dinner in 32 degree’s….so with that in mind we’ll be eating alfresco I think.
    I’ve got jars and cones so this is perfect for decorating my outside entertaining area.
    Thanks for keeping the festive frenzy at bay ;D

  6. What a great idea. I use all of the above but have never thought to flip the jars upside down like that. It’s the little things love. By the way {{waving hi}} :D

  7. I love this idea! I have plenty of canning jars. I might experiment with cranberries or holiday picks in them too.

  8. Cool…. mason jars are awesome! thanks for the idea- you have given me more things to pin. :)

  9. Love this idea! So simple, yet so elegant.

  10. Great idea, Sandy. And so simple to do. That’s what we’re all looking for at this time of year – simple, easy, yet elegant. Thanks.

  11. I have an over abundance of pine cones at the Mt. House. You’ve given me a wonderful way to use some of them. I may line the jars up on the mantel instead of on the table tho. Wouldn’t they be pretty tucked in among some greens?


  12. Sandy,
    What beautiful photographs! I might have to try the pinecone idea, too!

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