All Things Green for St. Patrick’s Day


Today I’m sharing all things green, my favorite photos for St. Patrick’s Day!

Being married to an Irish man for 21 years, it’s a good thing I love green.

Green has always been my favorite color. My kitchen is green, I love to wear green, the color itself just makes me happy!

This was a fun little project that I put together for my blog for St. Patrick’s Day. I have over 20,000 photos in iPhoto on my computer (yes, it’s backed up regularly). I quickly ran my mouse over the months and pulled out my favorite green pictures to share today.

Ha! I realized how much I love spring and summer. Here’s a few things “green” that I love.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, friends!

Garden beds at dusk.

A luscious avocado.

Green napkins and plates.

Dessert served on a green heirloom plate.

My lemon tree.

Scent of chives.

Elegant green apple centerpiece.

Wearing my favorite Hip Hostess apron.

Our strawberry bed.

The swaying of bambu on the side patio.

My beautiful daughter.

A green lawn.

Lettuce from our garden.

A green tablecloth. (Accessories from Terra Firma Home.)

Daisies in the front yard.

A simple green vase.

The scent of basil.

Our pool at dusk.

Grass at the beach.

Apples ready for applesauce.

Friends who came for dinner.

Homegrown green beans.

Scrabble in the pool.

Can you tell I’m gearing up in my mind for spring and summer? It’s hard to find “pretty green” in the dreary winter months. Only a few days ago, this popped up in our front yard. I couldn’t believe it. Only ONE.

I looked around in our neighbors yards – nothing.

So I’ve been enjoying our one and only daffodil this week, and anxiously awaiting the other blooms.

We’re be on our way to Carnegie Hall, where my daughter and her violin group will be performing this next week at the Music Festival. It’s a very exciting week for us!

I’m sure NYC will be buzzing on St. Patty’s Day … don’t you think?

What are your St. Patrick’s Day plans this year?

13 comments on “All Things Green for St. Patrick’s Day”

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  4. Green is my favorite color too! I love it. Loved your green post. Maybe one day I’ll have a garden like yours! :) Carnegie Hall…how wonderful! I am a former choir teacher. What an awesome opportunity to perform there! Have fun!

  5. Beautiful post Sandy! We are experiencing extremely unusual weather here in Indy with highs in the low 80’s (unheard of this time of year) and I’m SO ready for the plants and trees to GREEN UP. :-) Hugs, Kim

  6. I wish I had a garden like you!!! :-)

  7. The kids and grandkids are coming over late in the afternoon for a simple dinner and games. I made St. Patrick Day goodie bags for everyone and we tell silly leprechaun stories and jokes.
    Love your photos! Our daffs are up but not open yet, it’s only a matter of a few days. Can’t wait to cut a bunch and bring them in the house.

  8. Love all the green!! Thanks for a cheery post! Happy St. Patrick”s Day. You will love celebrating in NY!

  9. What a fun post Sandy! I love seeing bits of your life and all the green popping up.

  10. these pictures are gorgeous!!! so yummy and luscious! makes me long for spring and summer, too ;)

  11. I love all your green! Your pictures all look so inviting…especially your yard at dusk.
    Traditionally, we watch Darby O’ Gill and the Little People on St. Patrick’s day. You can’t beat Sean Connery!
    Have a lovely time in New York. Looking forward to lots of pictures!

  12. Green is my absolute favorite color…and you have showcased it so very well in this post Sandy! This post just makes me HAPPY!!!

    Love you girl!

  13. Thanks for making us think green. I’m spending St. Patrick’s Day in Toronto at Canada Blooms – the national garden show!!! So I’ll be surrounded in green.

    Enjoy NYC and Carnegie Hall – how exciting is that?

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