Using What You Have and Not Comparing Yourself with Others

Don’t try to be the hostess you are not. You want to be gracious, and entertaining should feel natural. – The Reluctant Entertainer

Probably the most important entertaining tip that I love to offer to others as far as finding an entertaining style that works for you is to not compare! Don’t get so wrapped up in comparing yourself to others that you get bogged down in trying to impress, and miss out on the whole purpose of entertaining in the first place.

Which is …

The relationships with the people coming over.

It’s not about the food or the table setting, or how perfectly everything is put together.

My advice for St. Patrick’s weekend is to keep entertaining simple.

Paper napkins work just fine and add a festive feel.

If you saw this delicious recipe (so easy, 3 ingredients), how about serving it in mugs, if you don’t have the “right”dessert dishes.

Don’t go to the store to buy something new just to impress. Learn to be creative and use what you have.

I keep IKEA napkins stocked in my pantry, different colors for different occasions. Yes, I love cloth napkins, but for easy, festive entertaining (like St. Patrick’s Day) paper works just fine!

Will you be doing any St Patrick’s entertaining this weekend?

4 comments on “Using What You Have and Not Comparing Yourself with Others”

  1. We are doing our taxes in the morning and the kids will be over later in the day setting up a tent to prep for a campout in 2 weeks. Our dinner will be super simple, hearty, and healthy. Dessert will be make-it-yourself malted milks and mint brownies. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  2. Heather, you and your friend have a wonderful time together! Sounds like an incredible weekend. I am stockpiling those recipes, so keep em coming!

    Sandy, I love love love how you encourage us to use what we have more creatively and to *bless* not impress, it rings in my head all the time. Have a fresh, happy St. Patrick;’s Day!


  3. Another way to go “green” for St. Paddy’s Day is to try your local antique store or thrift store (if you really have nothing green like me). They are ready for the holiday too! :)

  4. By coincidence, my best gardening buddy is coming to dinner Saturday night (after a day of touring Canada Blooms) – the only nod to St. Patrick’s day will be asparagus soup and pistachio shooters, a green version of my pumpkin pie shooters. I’ll put some green napkins out and probably dress the table in white with some greenery in the centre. None of us is Irish, so it’s not a big event at our house (I know, I know ….we’re ALL Irish on St. Patrick’s Day).

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