Autumn Magazines … do you follow on Pinterest?

Fall Magazines | Reluctant

Yesterday morning was the first morning where I woke up with a sense of Autumn in the air. It was still dark outside, the windows were wide open with a cool breeze coming into the house, and I even smelled a little something … like a wood stove or an autumn-ish something in the air. I quickly grabbed my robe and slippers, and went out into our living room to sit and enjoy the sensation and the scents.

The feeling and smells of Autumn. Yes!

I love this season so much. It makes me happy, puts me in an organizing mood, and of course, the colors and textures and recipes and entertaining moments are so ripe and ready to deepen our relationships with those in our lives who we care so deeply about, or want to get to know more!

Part of enjoying a new season for me is to read  and look through magazines. Some, I thumb through quickly. Others, I savor every minute, as the photography comes alive on the page and you can almost smell the recipe … Awwww …..

I love Donna Hay’s work. I’ve enjoyed her art of cooking and photography for years. Her new magazine is a beauty!

Fall Magazines | Reluctant

And then there’s 2 more of may all-time favorites ….

Better Homes & Gardens and Autumn Cottage – both full of inspiration, design, seasonal tips and stories, and ways to make your home come alive in the season at hand. Both magazines make entertaining do-able. Sometimes you just need to see pictures to get ideas of putting something together, repurposing what you have, the benefits of making your house a home, finding your inner-creativity, and figuring out what “style” fits you and your personality.

Fall Magazines | Reluctant

What I love about magazines is that you can glean from what you love on the pages, what works for you, and then turn the page quickly on to the next when a style or recipe doesn’t rock your world, or give you what you’re looking for.

There are these 3 magazines which I’m loving right now …

Fall Magazines | Reluctant

Sunset Magazine. Inspiring and perfect if you love to travel and eat!

Every Day. Rachael Ray is so cute and bubbly … I know, because I met her last year and we got to chat about food, life, and our gardens! Her magazine is crazy busy, the pages are sort of “wild,” but they give great ideas for quick, easy meals, parties,  and entertaining tips.

Better Homes & Gardens often comes out with speciality magazines. This season,”One Pan Recipes.” Fabulous! Because I love any kind of food that is served in a 9×13. Any!

These are the magazines I took on our road trip this past Labor Day weekend up to Seattle. I left one of my favorite magazines at home, Martha Stewart’s Living. The pages are inspired and filled with craft ideas, gardening tips, and awesome recipes.

For those who love Pinterest, follow your favorite magazine’s photos there!

The Cottage Journal
Better Homes & Gardens
Donna Hay
Every Day
Good Housekeeping
Food and Wine
Food Network

That’s enough for today …

I’d love to hear what your favorite magazines are, and if you buy them seasonally or subscribe by mail?

6 comments on “Autumn Magazines … do you follow on Pinterest?”

  1. Hi Sandy!

    I love mags, too. My favorites are Victoria, Southern Lady and Tea Time. Love Cottage journal too but I try to just read the first 3.

  2. I completely agree with you Sandy. I just love Autumn. I now live in southern Texas, so I don’t get to enjoy the crisp air and the beautiful leaves when they are red and gold like I did up in Wisconsin. The next best thing for me is reading the magazines when the Fall issues hit the stands. I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens magazine and Country Living. I went to the store a few days ago to buy Autumn Cottage (beautiful magazine).

  3. Just because I need another reason to spend TOO MUCH TIME on Pinterest….sheesh.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. My absolute favorite magazine is Southern Living. I’ve subscribed to many magazines over the years and SL recipes are hands down the best!

    By the way…think about making some honey cake today.
    Know why?

  5. My favorite cooking magazine is Cook’s Country. Beautiful pictures. Love their recipes. I also love The Week. It condenses and combines the best newspaper articles from all over the world. I also subscribe to Touchstone, a journal of mere Christianity. The articles are so thoughtful!

  6. My new favourite magazine is Country Living – love the natural beauty and casual lifestyle they highlight in each edition.
    Thanks for the ideas for following – I’ve already added some of these to my list.

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