Simple Entertaining with a Garden Fresh Tuna Sandwich

Garden Fresh Tuna Sandwich from

Simple entertaining with a garden fresh tuna sandwich, combined with some inspiration, can create spiritual monuments in our lives. It’s the act of giving that not only gives us hope, but it teaches us the benefits of loving and sharing, often done through food.

Food just tastes better when enjoyed with a friend.

And even better when you’re surprised with a drop-in visit.

And then you ask your friend if she’s had lunch?

That’s when I reach into the pantry, grab a can of tuna, and then look around to what garden fresh veggies are ripening on the counter.

There’s something about a tuna sandwich, so tasty and fresh. In our home we call them “tuna melts”, because we usually broil them with delicious cheese on top.

Garden Fresh Tuna Sandwich from

But this time I made a garden fresh, summer treat.

I added a lactose-free sour cream (instead of heavy mayo), salt and pepper, and corn relish with sweet relish.

Oh, boy!

And then I topped with fresh tomatoes and sliced avocado  – can you say “heaven?”  You can’t go wrong with a few shakes of ground pepper, and then served on Dave’s Killer Bread (also our family favorite).

Garden Fresh Tuna Sandwich from

Late summer tuna sandwiches are delicious to serve for drop-in lunches. Add in a bit of girlfriend talk, love and inspiration, and then a hug (it’s always good to catch up with a friend), and send her on her way.

When’s the last time you whipped up a tuna sandwich, and what are your favorite 3 ingredients to add?

Green Valley Organics provided the sour cream, but I was not compensated for this post today. All opinions are my own, simply because we LOVE Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Sour Cream!

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10 comments on “Simple Entertaining with a Garden Fresh Tuna Sandwich”

  1. Yummy! So cute and it’s perfect, Definitely Going to make tuna sandwich this weekend for my family.

  2. Can’t stand mayo, so glad to see it made with sour cream! Not sure why I never tried that, it looks incredible. Pinned. Since I don’t make tuna sandwiches much, not sure what I would put on it. But I do happen to have avocado on hand, so I think that would go great.

  3. Do you deliver? I desperately want this for lunch today!! Holy deliciousness!

  4. Now THAT is a tuna sandwich, Sandy!!! I want this for lunch!!!

  5. The second I spotted this on Facebook I started drooling (in the most tasteful way possible)… total amazingness!

  6. I haven’t made a tuna sandwich in a long time. I might have to go make one right now for lunch.

  7. Yum! I just made tuna yesterday. Tuna, mayo, pickles. Then I either like to grill it with cheese or eat it cold on Daves bread with lettuce, cheese, maybe tomatoe..never thought to try avocado.

  8. I adore a good tuna sandwich! This is gorgeous Sandy!!

  9. Ooohhhh I want that sandwich, like, really bad right now.

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