Enjoy a bite of beets, full of amazing flavor in this Beet Appetizer with goat cheese, citrus, and dill – a simple beet appetizer or salad!

a beet appetizer with cheese and citrus   

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What pairs well with cooked beets? A roasted beet and goat cheese appetizer! This recipe we love, served as an appetizer or a salad. Set out small plates with little forks, and it’s the freshest bite to enjoy with a glass of wine, before a delicious meal. I love a versatile recipe.

We recently served this plate of beets at a dinner party, and the guests loved it. Beets go so well with citrus and herbs, and of course cheese! 

Beet Appetizer (Salad)

So sweet, yet savory, every bite is a morsel of love.

Beets have a sweet, earthy taste. If you bake or roast them in their skins, you can enjoy the best flavor. I grew up with my mom canning and pickling beets, but she’d also boil them, take the skins off, thinly slice and fry them in butter with salt and pepper. Pure deliciousness.

slices of beets on a plate

Why I love this recipe

It’s the perfect dinner party appetizer. If you think people don’t like beets, I think you are wrong. When served like this, you can’t help but love them.

  • Simple ingredients.
  • Using precooked beets, it comes together in minutes.
  • The flavors are amazing, and guests love it.
  • Option to serve as an appetizer or a salad.

What goes well with beets?

We say soft goat cheese – Goat cheese is a perfect pairing for roasted beets! Its tart flavor and creamy texture is wonderful with the sweet, earthy root veggies. You can also add toasted nuts for a crunch, like walnuts or pecans.

You have an option of fresh citrus with herbs like thyme, tarragon, dill, parsley, mint, or basil. Or use warm spices like allspice, cumin, cinnamon, pepper, and paprika.

a cheesy beet appetizer

Gather these ingredients

  • Beets – roasted and cooled, or I buy Love Beets Organic Cooked Beets at the market
  • Orange – you’ll need both the zest and the juice
  • Goat cheese
  • Fresh Dill
  • Sea salt

What pairs well with beets?

We love this salad served with this pasta dish, and potato bread.  Yum! Also, have you ever made a strawberry beet salsa? So good on tacos.

a bite of fresh beet with goat cheese and dill

How do you make a Beet Appetizer?

  1. Slice the beets and place on a serving tray or platter.
  2. Zest an orange and set aside. Cut the orange in half, juice 1/2 of the orange and drizzle over the beets.
  3. Take clumps of goat cheese and crumble over the beets.
  4. Sprinkle the freshly chopped dill over the top. 
  5. Add a light touch of Sea salt.
  6. Serve!

Tips and substitutions:

  • Serve the beets with tiny plates and forks for a fresh appetizer.
  • Optional to make the salad, refrigerate (because of the cheese) and pull out of the fridge for a beautiful “anytime” salad. 
  • You can add a crunch to the salad with toasted nuts (walnuts or pecans).
  • Thinly sliced shallot is delightful on top, for a sharper flavor.
  • If you don’t have dill, most fresh herbs will work (mint, basil, thyme). Delish.
  • Swap out the goat cheese with blue cheese. Also amazing.

slices of beet with goat cheese

What can I do with a bunch of beets?

We love cooking with beets, so give these recipes a try:

How to roast beets – easy method.

A delicious Winter Dinner Party Menu, with this beet appetizer.

Red Cabbage Beet Slaw with Cranberries

Prosciutto Salad with Beets

a beet appetizer with cheese and citrus
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Get the Recipe:

Beet Appetizer

Using precooked Love Beets, this recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes!
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 4
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  • 4-5 medium beets, sliced 1/4 ” thick (I buy Love Beets Organic Cooked Beets)
  • 1 orange, juiced (and save the zest)
  • ½ cup goat cheese, crumbled
  • 2 Tbsp fresh dill, chopped
  • Sea salt


  • Slice the beets and place on a serving tray or platter. Zest an orange and set aside. Cut the orange in half, juice 1/2 of the orange and drizzle over the beets.
  • Take clumps of goat cheese and crumble over the beets, ending with sea salt and sprinkled fresh chopped dill. Serve!


Reposted from February 2015.
Cuisine: American
Course: Appetizer, Salad
Calories: 126kcal, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 7g, Fat: 6g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.2g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 13mg, Sodium: 169mg, Potassium: 335mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 9g, Vitamin A: 409IU, Vitamin C: 22mg, Calcium: 66mg, Iron: 1mg
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beet salad with orange zest