Setting an Elegant Table with Yellow Billy Balls and Daisies

For a spring or summer tablescape, set an elegant table with billy balls (Craspedia Globosa) and daisies, perfect for alfresco dining!

Billy Balls and Daisies

Last weekend we hosted an outdoor dinner party and I set a simple, elegant table with yellow billy balls and daisies!

To me, yellow is the essence of summer, inspiring me when I set a table for guests.

What’s a Billy Ball?

Billy Balls, also known as Craspedia Globosa, are round-shaped blooms that rest on top of a thin, yet sturdy stem.

They add texture and height and pizazz to a simple centerpiece, and in my case, to fresh daisies.

Yellow Billy Balls and Daisies

You only need a few.

I used 3 canning jars and 7 smaller glass vessels, plus 3 candle holders. Which–I forgot to light the candles. It happens.

With our lights above our table, candles aren’t top priority now when we eat outside. It seems the whole backyard is lit up with our novelty lights!

I created groups of daisies and yellow billy balls on yellow paisley tablecloths. By the way, you only need a few stems!

Dash of happiness.

Inspired by my friend, Susie, I think billy balls and daisies are the perfect dash of happiness, and cute and modern, too. Billy balls are fun to pop into any simple flower arrangement, adding a POP of color!

Billy Balls and Daisies

Set the table and invite your friends!

We’re in the heat of summer, and nothing says “welcome” more this time of year than gathering a group of friends together on a warm evening.

Which we did.

And enjoyed.

Ricotta with Lemon, Basil, and Honey Bruschetta

And fell into bed at midnight exhausted, but with happy hearts.

It’s always nice to add a whimsical flair to a table.

But as I always say here on RE, it’s never essential. What’s the most important aspect of entertaining for us is the bodies sitting in the chairs.

What’s your favorite flower for a centerpiece in the month of July?

PS: I wanted to share a picture of the table “the next morning.”

Yellow Billy Balls and Daisies

And how crooked my table cloth was. LOL. Oh, well! I bet not one person even noticed! I don’t strive for perfection, I strive for excellence, and this was really no big deal. :)

Yellow Billy Balls and Daisies

If you struggle with perfectionism, I’ve written a zillion posts here on RE, but my friend, Myquillyn Smith, wrote a book that will inspire you in so many ways: The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful. I hope you check it out, and buy it for everyone that you know!

Billy Balls and Daisies


2 comments on “Setting an Elegant Table with Yellow Billy Balls and Daisies”

  1. Love the setting. We live on the coast of South Carolina, so this would be lovely (altho humidity can be a factor). Question-where did you get the cute “squatty” jars with handles for your flowers? Also, I’m looking for some outdoor lights to hang around the interior of our dock covering. The ones I have keep burning out (not sure if it’s because of the salt water or not). We don’t use them often enough for them to burn out so quickly.
    Thanks! Love you site!

  2. Such a pretty center piece, Sandy!! Simple, but perfect! :)

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