Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

This Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe is great for any season, a giant bowl of mixed fruit topped with a delicious crunch: Birdseed Granola.

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

Friends, ’tis the season for fresh fruit platters and salads!

Don’t you just love summer?

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

We’ve been getting out, meeting new people, attending barbecues (I recently was asked to bring a fruit salad, so I brought a fruit “platter” instead. So easy, so pretty!)

Our cousins came from St. Louis this past week, and we had a lovely time floating the Deschutes River, ending with a delicious dinner together on our front deck.

I can’t help but love this … “Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” Dr. Seuss

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

Yes, indeed.

Whether summer or winter, when you are together with precious people in your life, the time seems magical, and it is pretty amazing.

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

In summer, it’s always pretty amazing on the Deschutes River!

This time we put in at the marina and did a 2 hour float.

Back for dinner: Grilled Lemon Dill Salmon, Green Salad, Broccoli Bacon Cashew Salad, Greek Black Rice Caprese Salad, and a lovely fruit salad. (You’ll have to try this Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe.)

We hung out for hours while our kids played music (violin, piano, guitar), talking and talking and talking for hours.

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

Recently our friend, Ashley, owner and maker of Birdseed Granola, spent the day with our family and brought a lovely fruit salad for dinner. Sprinkled on top, a crunchy yummy topping, Birdseed Granola.

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

This Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe is so simple, honestly, anyone can make it.

Full of strawberries, mango, bananas, and mandarin oranges. But you can also mix in a vanilla yogurt. So good!

Birdseed Granola is made and sold here in Bend at several locations:
Market of Choice
Megaphone Coffee Co.
Proust Coffee
Spoken Moto
Jacksons Corner

We love it, and I think my readers (here in Bend) will, too–100% organic, made with gluten free ingredients, made in a 100% gluten free kitchen. It’s also a healthy snack to keep in the car or your summer bag!

And it’s celiac, diabetic, and ALL people friendly.

It’s good to have a plan for out of town guests’ diets, and a fresh fruit platter or salad is always safe … and so good. Hey, if you want to order online, use this code for FREE SHIPPING for orders over $35: NOURISH

Happy Summer Entertaining!

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Servings: 6


  • 2 cups strawberries sliced
  • 2 mangoes chopped
  • 2-3 bananas sliced
  • 1 can mandarin oranges drained
  • Granola


  • Mix fruit together. Sprinkle Birdseed Granola on top.
  • Optional to add vanilla yogurt!
  • Serve!

Birdseed Granola Fruit Salad Recipe





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  1. Hi Sandy. love your site and all your recipes.
    Is the birdseed granola only available in Bend, O? I’m in WA.
    Sure looks delicious.


  2. That sounds yummy! Sometimes it can be tricky when people have special diets or preferences, but with some googling you can find something that everyone will love. I like that I’ve been stretched over the years to find things to serve those with those needs or desires.

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