Have you ever noticed that when you open the door to invite your guests in, it can sometimes be rather awkward?

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Awkward for the guests, and sometimes for the hosts, too.

My husband and I are not awkward people (at least I don’t think we are), :) but sometimes there’s just something that doesn’t feel right about the first 10 seconds.

You say your hellos.

You give your hugs.

You take the coats, jacket, scarves, hats, purses, hostess gifts, bottles of wine, dishes of food.

You invite your guests in.

But what I’ve found for the number-one party trick for getting rid of awkwardness, is to have food and drink ready!

Appetizers out, something tasty waiting on the counter, or where guests will be gathering.

Glasses, drinks ready.

And then start the conversation.

How was your day?

Hey, if you have to talk about the weather, then talk about the weather, like the walk I went on the day I wrote this post. It was gorgeous out!

In our home, after that first initial conversation, we then move our guests to an area where everyone can settle back, munch on the goodies, and feel the “awwwwww ….., it’s going to be a good night,” type of feeling.

Then the relaxing begins …

What’s your ice-breaking idea for greeting guests at the front door?


Recipe: Easy Salami & Pepperoncini Appetizer {ReluctantEntertainer.com}

Summary: Little bites of goodness inspired by my friend Natalie.


  • Slices of salami
  • Pepperoncini, thinly sliced
  • 3 oz. cream cheese
  • 4 oz. fresh blueberries


  1. Spread softened cream cheese on each piece of salami.
  2. Layer the pepperoncini slices and a couple of blueberries on top.
  3. Fold together and skewer with a toothpick to keep together.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)