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Glamping party lights

I have to attribute much of our “glamping” experience as of late to my husband, Paul, who worked hard to make our trip fun, with new camping stuff, and a good time for all. We’ve had our VW 1987 Westfalia camper van for years, and it runs like a charm. (Read on and I’ll tell you more about the party lights!)

Glamping in VW Westfalia

But to gear up, or “glamp up,” the van a bit, he put in a new floor, we got a few “red” hints of decor–like our new red cooler and Camp Chef oven, bedspread, party lights, tablecloths, dishes, and red bandana for our Cairn Terrier, Haggis–to bring charm to the great outdoors.

The van ride is interesting because we’re packed in rather tight

Glamping in VW Westfalia
Haggis McStitch, our Cairn Terrier, makes the trip quite amusing. He’s our little buddy.

Glamping in VW Westfalia
We started our vacation at Jedediah State Park in California.

Smith River, CA
This is how we roll.

glamping party lights
The beauty of the  amazing redwoods.

Redwoods in CA
Crunchy clouds.

Smith River, CA
And the Smith River.

Smith River, CA
Miz Abigail taking an early morning dip.

Smith River, CA

Good food, and recipes to come, like the one we tried in our new Camp Oven by making a zucchini pizza at home before we left.

Glamping Camp Chef oven
At dusk we pulled out our new DIY party lights.

Glamping party lights
It’s much more cost effective to glamp up your own string of lights!

Glamping party lights

How to make glamping party lights:

-Buy 6-10 mini lanterns
-Black string
-Batteries for the lanterns

String together and ENJOY!

Glamping party lights

The lights we bought came with 2 different settings, normal lighting and red blinking lighting.

For us, the color red made glamping fun and colorful for our outdoor experience.

Glamping party lights

Stay tuned for more recipes that we tried in our new camp oven. But more importantly the fun family memories that we’re creating with our kids.

Glamping familyBefore we know it, (photo before our oldest met up with us) they’ll all be on their own, so I’m thankful for the memories we can make with them now!

What cool things have you made yourself for camping?

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12 comments on “DIY Party Lights Fun Camping Stuff”

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  2. what a great idea! So Glad you had a fun trip

  3. Such a fun idea. Spending time camping is such a great way to get the kids away from their electronics and reconnect, because you’re right they grow up too fast.

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  5. The lights are too cute!

  6. This whole thing makes me so happy. We are on the opposite end of the camping/glamping spectrum – we just planned our first family camping trip. I think everyone is finally old enough to appreciate it, as our youngest is 3. If it goes well, we might look into a pop-up camper to make it easier. You can be sure I will return to these suggestions (I love red) if we do. Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to the memories, like you said. That last photo is everything.

  7. Very glam! Looks like you had a great time!

  8. We’ve never really made anything awesome other than the camping food – I am seriously in love with the glamping lifestyle though. Totally more doable than the standard old camping!

  9. How cute is that oven??? LOVE a good family camping trip!

  10. I love your family and your van and your glamping trip!

  11. You have a lovely family, Sandy! Love the “glamped” up van!

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