Outdoor Dinner Party

It’s in the act of giving that I really believe we get to know ourselves more, and it causes us to grow. Growing up comes at different ages and stages in life. When we give–more than of material goods, money, or time–it warms our hearts and the hearts of those around us. And that is how I feel when hosting a dinner party.

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I’m giving of myself.

I’m using personal energy to bring people together, to prepare a meal, to make sure all the details are in place and everyone is happy.

It’s a good sense, and it penetrates my heart even deeper, as I’ve learned to listen to others who come into our home.

Outdoor Dinner Party

The world can be a lonely and isolated place. A disconnect for many. Not only do I feel it’s my place to bring people in, it’s a role that I’ve taken on in life, to teach my children the importance of “others.” (My son helping me serve in above photo.)

Entertaining is the kind of gesture that I believe is missing in our towns. We’re too busy, we don’t want to spend the money, we make too many excuses. We just can’t slow down.

Whatever it means to you, do a simple thing that doesn’t involve much more than a simple invite.

Pull out your favorite cookbook and try something new (Recipe Girl’s new cookbook!), or make an old, stand-by meal.

Buy something fresh or new for the table.

Appetizers don’t need to be elaborate. Sometimes the simplest are the tastiest. You can even grill them.

Caprese Bites | Reluctant Entertainer.com

A simple healthy salad is what most guests want.

Set out a special bottle of wine to share with your guests, or make a new Blood Orange Raspberry Spritzer Recipe.

Make a Deep Dish Blackberry Peach Pie.

Make your guests feel important and loved. That you’ve pulled out all the stops for them. And enjoy the JOY that they bring.

And by all means, stay on course with you menu!

This favor will warm your heart. The fact that you were thoughtful will make your guests’ life richer, as well as your own!

I don’t think we understand how hospitality heals, it connects us to our neighbors and community, and as a whole, it makes us better people.

It’s good for me to reminded of why I love to host a party.

Now I’m going to go to my journal and see who’s next on my guest list, and send out a text or email invite.

When’s the last time you were excited about inviting others into your home?

Photo credit to Heidi, Foodie Crush, top photo with Bridget and Lori at this party in my backyard.