Day 27. Casual. Having People Over.


Creating a mood of comfort and relaxation.

Informal and gracious.

Autumn brings an un-intimidating, yet celebratory, kind of entertaining.

We can get over our fears of “entertaining” by exchanging that word for something that sounds more casual, like “having people over.”

Having people over.

It’s not about style, or being the perfect hostess.

Having people over.

Creating and sharing a happy occasion.

Having people over.

A reflection of who you are. Whatever your personal style may be.

Having people over during the Autumn season.

Use bargain entertaining items such as these Dollar Tree green wine glasses.

The simplicity of pears for ambience.

Or yard sale napkins and pretty glass plates.

Set out a pot of chili, yummy hearty bread, some chutney and dip, and bake up a simple Autumn dessert.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Keep entertaining simple.


Does the word “entertaining” scare you? Have you converted over to a more casual lifestyle of “having people over?”

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3 comments on “Day 27. Casual. Having People Over.”

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  2. “Entertaining” does not scare me, but I have neither the time nor energy for it these days. We “have
    people over” pretty often, just sharing what we have–as is—and it is always a good thing—-cuz who’s in the chairs—-is the most important thing

  3. Great post! I would definitely say that entertaining doesn’t scare me, and we are definitely more casual in our entertaining and I guess the better way to look at it would be “having people over” I’m just not a “formal” hostess. The other night I did borrow my MIL’s Dollar Tree Goblets when we had Kaitlynn’s soccer team over for dinner, one, I didn’t have enough glasses for them, and two I thought the strawberry lemonade smoothies would be pretty in them.

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