Holiday Bake Craft Sew-A-Long: Christmas in September

Hey, Friends. Look what Rachel, Kelly, and Cindy are up to? CHRISTMAS IN SEPTEMBER!

These ladies are posting every day in September and encouraging readers to start preparing for your handmade holidays NOW.

“If you “bake, craft & sew along” with us, by the end of the craft-along, you’ll be VERY prepared for the upcoming Holiday season… hopefully eliminating just a wee bit of stress.”

Join me at A Southern Fairytale’s where I’m sharing with you a childhood recipe that my Mom made every year.

As far back as I remember as a little girL, Snowball cookies were a part of our Christmas diet. These cookies melt in your mouth and they definitely provide comfort, if you know what I mean.

A little treat inside a big treat.

Here’s a new version with a little secret inside … Dove Chocolate-Covered Almonds. Oh, boy!

And speaking of nostalgia, I also want to show you something I did to remember my mom after she passed away.

Stencil a memory
I took Mom’s handwriting off of an old Christmas box, and I copied it over onto beautiful plates for myself and my sisters, so we could remember this beautiful woman who raised us and taught us so much about the true meaning of Christmas.

You can read more about this craft idea, HERE. But in the meantime, ENJOY the Christmas in September posts!

Have you thought about homemade Christmas gifts yet, even though it’s only September?

10 comments on “Holiday Bake Craft Sew-A-Long: Christmas in September”

  1. I keep trying to get my mom to write Christmas with a fat marker for me and she always forgets!

  2. Please forgive my incredibly basic questions. The snowball cookie recipe posted on says “after baking” in step 6, but doesn’t specify how long. Am I to assume that the 30 minute cook time at the top is how long these cookies are to bake? And while it uses 4 cups of flour, it only yields 12 cookies? I would appreciate your help in figuring this out so I don’t mess it up! :) Thank you!

    • I’ll have Rachel fix the instructions over there, Sara.
      1. Baking time 30-35 minutes.
      2. Yes, bake 30-35 minutes.
      3. Not 12, but 3 dozen cookies


  3. What a delicious surprise inside those yummy Snowball Cookies! You just keep coming up with so many fun treats from the kitchen. Can you make those now and freeze them for the holidays? If so…any tips. I’m not too gifted in the freezing department. :-/ Thanks, too, for the push to think and prepare for Christmas now. What a great idea. That way, hopefully, we’ll be able to really celebrate Christ in Christmas.

  4. Snowballs were always a part of our Christmas Cookies….but Chocolate Covered Almonds inside? Heaven! Heading over to check out the recipe!

  5. I’ve already started stitching! I just joined a quilters’ group, so hopefully I’ll have a quilted wall hanging done as well as the bread cloths I’ve already started. Woo-hoo! I love getting these fun things going!

  6. I’m totally revving up for Christmas, thank you so much for posting this series.

  7. Thanks for this…i remember liking your mom’s signature on a plate very much, but had forgotten that I wanted to make one. TJMaxx and Marshall’s both have that very platter from the summer on clearance this week!

    The snowballs look like they are peering from a cottage window in your quilted jar.

    deb meyers

  8. I love all these ideas- added to my pins.
    Have a wonderful day

  9. I can’t believe we’re already thinking about Christmas! I’m sitting here blogging in a bikini.

    Just kidding about the bikini part.

    OR AM I?

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