Classy Memory Plates: Heirlooms and Stencils

When my mother passed away, I inherited a large box of some of her Christmas decorations. After a few years of lugging this box in out and out of the attic and re-taping it each time, the box literally started falling apart.

As I transferred everything over into a new box, getting ready to recycle the old one, mom’s writing of “Christmas” caught my eye. Her cursive writing was all too familiar as I remembered the notes Mom would write excusing me from school when I was sick, or signing a check when I needed money, or the many cards and letters she wrote to me over the years.

I just knew I had to do something with Mom’s writing!

I immediately cut out the “Christmas” from the cardboard box and tucked it away in my hutch.

Last year I couldn’t wait to pull the piece of cardboard out of storage. Not only did it remind me of the power that heirlooms can hold in a family as we had lost our mom to cancer, but it had a feeling of love that I wanted to preserve and share with my sisters.

My Mom, Millie, is very dear to my sisters’ and my heart, as we miss her very much. It’s very special how the memory of a loved one can live on through heirlooms, pictures, videos, letters, and even writing.

So I stenciled Mom’s writing of “Christmas” with a black Sharpie marker onto stencil paper.

Cut it and glued it onto a white glass plate.

Poured a high gloss finish onto the plate.

Used a hairdryer to get the bubbles out.

They are not perfect, but I think they turned out stunningly classy.

One for my sis Di, one for my sis Linda and me, with black plate stands to display and to keep Christmas alive, through our mom, in years to come. And I know we’ll be able to pass them down to our kids, or their wives.

When I look at the plate displayed in my dining room, it makes me smile.

I feel blessed. Yes, very blessed.

Do you have a story to share how you’ve preserved your special family heirlooms or memories?

41 comments on “Classy Memory Plates: Heirlooms and Stencils”

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  5. What a beautiful way to remember your mom, Sandy. Love this idea so much!!!

  6. This is such an incredible idea, and such happy memories to look forward to every Christmas.

  7. I can’t wait to make an heirloom with some very important signatures. I have some recipes written by my mother which I plan to use. Thanks for a terrific idea that will preserve an important memory
    Gmama Jane

  8. One of the most wonderful ideas I have seen. What a keep sake for all. I am going to do this for my brothers and & sister. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift.

  9. I loved this idea when I read it last Christmas. While putting away our Christmas decorations last year I came across a box with the word Christmas written in my mom’s handwriting who died 20 years ago when I was 15 years old. I must have been moving that box around with me for all these years, but don’t remember seeing the handwriting before. It’s like I read this post and my mom gave me a gift of letting me find that handwriting because I cut it out and plan to do this project this year. Now my mom will always be with us in a small way during the holidays.

    My grandmother (92 years old) just recently passed in July and she had a signature “duck” drawing that she always drew on all her cards. We think of her everytime we see it so I think I will also try to do something like this with her drawing as a gift for all the family members.

  10. I really love this idea. I never would have thought of it in a million years myself, so thanks for sharing something that looks creative, personal and easy to do.

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  12. Sandy, I absolutely love this idea! A precious heirloom to cherish for generations. It’s beautiful and classy! Merry Christmas!

  13. Oh my gosh….you had me at hello!!! (The word Christmas!) I have not been able to stop thinking about this today. I think there is a star in the heavens shinning extra bright tonight! Amidst my tears I kept thinking….what a wonderful tribute to your mom and how loved and proud she would feel. Thank you for reminding us that some of the simplest things can bring us the greatest joy! Merry Christmas to you!

  14. Sandy – I absolutely adore this idea. I loved it when you showed it to me when we were in San Francisco this fall. What a precious heirloom you’ve created for your family. Absolutely priceless!

  15. I absolutely love this idea, Sandy. Thank you for sharing.

  16. That is an amazing idea! I loved my mothers handwriting…I will have to think of a way to make something like this work!

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