The Festivities Continue: Easy Crostini Options!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! I feel so blessed to have my son home from college, and to have spent some amazing times with friends and family over the last few weeks. The midnight Christmas Eve service was the icing on the cake for our family – beautiful! And then Christmas Day we lounged, had a late brunch, and a juicy prime rib for dinner!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over … but New Years is ahead!

If you happened to see the December issue of Real Simple magazine, you may have seen the 2 page spread on “10 ideas for crostini.”

I ripped it out immediately and taped it inside of my kitchen cupboard for easy reference.

Do you ever do that when you find something you want to keep and implement in your cooking?

Here are the 2 that caught my eye (plus the top photo – apricot jam and gorgonzola cheese) … one with roast beef since we had prime rib for dinner on Christmas Day.

With the festivities continuing this week, I’m thinking these might be easy to take elsewhere or to whip up at home for a quick appetizer.

What’s your “go-to” crostini or easy appetizer you might be serving this week?

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  1. Gotta love a good crostini & you can just about do anything with these can’t you. Love the roast beef combination though, lovely :)

  2. Avocado Crostini:
    We purchased artisan baguettes, sliced them diagonally 1/2 inch thick, brushed the bread with olive oil and toasted both sides. Spread mild goat cheese or cream cheese on crostini. Lay avocado slices on top of the cheese and sprinkle with sea salt. Drizzle EVO on top.

  3. My favorite of ALL TIME is your strawberry/basil/goat cheese crostini. I served it at a baby shower in August and it was a HUGE hit, so much so that the mama I’m hosting a shower for in January asked for the same thing.

    In January.

    Uhhhh…fresh strawberries and basil in January? Yikes.

    I’ve talked her into another one with marmalade, brie and pistachios…better suited for a winter event!

  4. I love to brush slices of French bagette with olive oil, sprinkle with course salt and chopped fresh rosemary and toast in the oven. They are super alone or for topping or dipping into dips or cheese fondue. The week before Christmas I did a whole week of easy appetizers on my blog. Happy New Year lovely Lady! Sheila

  5. Thanks for sharing – I missed that issue but am headed home to do some cooking/baking with my Mom – so these might make our final “definitely try” list. Happy New Year!

  6. When I go to the store today I will be looking for a copy!

  7. I have a full size file box with hanging folders for recipe clippings—so much fun to look through for something new and different, or even the tried and true. Happy New Year Sandy!

  8. Oh my word, that looks delicious! I’m thinking that this may have to be a New Year’s Eve MUST in our house!
    BTW~ I’m very happy to report that Peggy gave me your book over Christmas and I was so excited! I’ve already read half of it :o) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! That was really sweet of you!

  9. I haven’t done crostini though I love it. This week we are going to a friends house and I’m bringing homemade pita chips and hummus. I had some leftover pita bread last week and some leftover hummus, so I thought I’d make my own chips. I cut the pita bread into triangles, but you could do squares, placed those on a sprayed baking sheet and then sprayed the tops of the pita with cooking spray, and cooked at 350 till crisp and lightly browned….they were amazing!!!! Super easy!!!!

  10. OOOOO they look yummy. Never put the pages in a cabinet, but thanks to you… I now have a new idea…

  11. Great ideas! I especially love the gorgonzola cheese and jam idea. Apricot jam is good on anything, no?!

  12. Mercy, Sandy- I’d love it if anything were truly easy over here! ha! One thing the Ukrainians do- and it’s really quite nice- is to have little clementine oranges, bananas cut in thirds, kiwi and a box of chocolates out to have with tea. It’s the perfect combination- not really an appetizer, though!

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