I have a little list of chores in my mind that I like to accomplish before my guests arrive, and one thing I like to check off is to sweep and Swiffer my wood floors.

BUT … honestly, it doesn’t always get done, especially with spur-of-the-moment guests or when I’m pressed for time.

I’ve had to learn to just let it go, to not be stressed over the animal hair and dust, and to just not look down at the floors.

I don’t know what kind of floors you have in your home, by mine sure get dirty … fast!

Here’s my cleaning schedule/pick up schedule for when company’s coming under these time constraints:

30 minute warning guests are coming:
Set the table
Wipe off the kitchen counters & spruce up kitchen
Make sure ONE bathroom is clean

1-4 hour warning guests are coming:
Above 3 chores + …
Pick up the house
Sweep and Swiffer the floors
Sometimes vacuum

The beauty of it all is that even if none of this gets done, it’s still okay.

It’s been said many times here on RE: People are coming to see us, not coming to inspect our house or our floors.

I’d love to hear your quick methods for cleaning up, and also if you have wood floors, how do you clean those?

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