Garden Chat and Raised Beds Update

Yesterday my friend Jeannie and I had a date, with 3 goals in mind:

1. To get together to catch up on life.

2. To take a short walk together.

2. To stroll through my yard and garden (she always gives the best advice).

At one point during our walk around the neighborhood (looking at other yards and flowers), I reached out and grabbed Jeannie’s hand. Not because she needed my help, just because I just wanted to “feel” her hand.

Sometimes I secretly imagine my Mom walking next to me and feeling her hand in mine.

If your Mom is gone, have you ever done that?

I always loved to hold my Mom’s hand …

Jeannie brought me these beautiful flowers from her garden, so I added water and put them directly into the garden beds to enjoy.

Today I’ll update you on our raised beds! If you missed my 4-part series, HERE is the link to the last post that includes all of the garden posts.

I was on my way to Atlanta last week, to the Blog Her Food conference, and our friend brought us tomato starts from her greenhouse.

When I came home, these little babies were already planted and starting to grow …

I was a little worried because my husband, who was short on time, planted them the conventional way instead of the “trench-planting-method” way that we’ve always done in the past. He needed to get the plants in the ground … fast.

And more tomatoes are coming …

This picture made me smile. Our kids pick their own lettuce for salads. Clearly they are picking the outer leaves like we showed them to …

More lettuce …

Pepper that was started as a seed in our AeroGarden

Peonies getting ready to burst …

Raspberries …

Potatoes …

And lastly, our strawberry bed is really taking off (see the mint transplant in the very front corner?) …

I love the inspiration that comes from spending time with a friend and in the great outdoors. Also in the city, in our backyard with beautiful produce growing in our raised beds.

I’d love to hear how your garden is coming along this season, or will you be shopping at the Farmer’s Market?

I’m guesting over at Good Life Eats today sharing my scrumptious Strawberry Bruschetta Recipe! Head on over and say hi to Katie and get ready for the best appetizer ever using strawberries and only a couple other ingredients. My friend, Bren, also gardens and she lives in the Midwest. Take a peek at her blog, The BG Garden Blog, too!

13 comments on “Garden Chat and Raised Beds Update”

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  2. Your garden is wonderful! You do know, though, that mint is invasive don’t you? I’m not a very experienced gardener, so you may have it under control, but I wanted to make sure you know. We grow our mint in an old tool box to keep it “corralled.”

    Enjoy a blessed summer!

  3. Your garden looks amazing! Today I went for a walk down our road and as I walked past our house, I envisioned what it can be when all is done. I’m longing for more grass, more gardens, fences…etc…

    I thoroughly walking through my friends’ yards! I get a joy looking at flowers, vegetables, landscapes…what fun.

    As for my garden, I’m not doing one this year. Not enough time or nice weather to get out there and do it. So I’m focusing on getting my raspberries and blueberries to survive the deer and produce some berries!

  4. You know I also feel my mom’s presence at times. She has been gone for 17 years but there are days that I feel if I looked behind me I would see her smiling back at me. Our mothers were our first loves and the ones who make everything better no matter what the circumstances. My mom came to know the Lord when I was 18 years old and actually brought me to church with her not long after on Mother’s Day. That was the day I received the Lord. My mother and I were very close I have 2 brothers and they both also came to the Lord because of my mom. Oh what a glorious day it will be when we all have a awesome reunion up in Heaven!!!
    Blessings to you and yours

  5. Your beds are looking wonderful! ” Way to grow”
    I miss my Mom too.
    She loved flowers

  6. I saw your post at Good Life Eats today and came to visit you here. I’m absolutely loving your blog. I already subscribed and I am sure to be back. Thanks for all the great photos and ideas!

  7. Gee! Your garden is beautiful and amazing! We live in West Texas. Our gardens NEVER look like yours. We are starting a new garden spot at our “new” home. Just sprayed the grass there with round-up. Watering in a few days so we can till up the ground then plant! Yea! I think I will try some lettuces… have inspired me. Lettuces are not normal garden produce in this part of the country. I’ll let you know how they turn out!:)

  8. Home grown veggie goodness at its best! My husband and son are the gardeners and I love the results!

  9. Love this post, Sandy. Gardening is so rewarding and I truly love the tradition of it. Your garden is gorgeous!

  10. look at that lettuce Sandy! It’s beautiful! So many good things going on in here.

    I love that your mom is with you in the garden. That makes me smile.

    And your friends flowers are gorgeous! love the pot :)

  11. I think the white iris maybe my favorite! What a wonderful thing for you to share a piece of your friendship and your family with us on your blog. Wonderful to connect with you on Twitter! @bg_garden / @thegardenchat is ME! Your comments / tweets always inspire to grow.

  12. We just do a bit of container gardening as we have many trees so not enough sun. Your garden looks lovely. That lettuce is great!!

    You mentioned grabbing your friend’s hand. It reminded me of our Chinese friend, Jenny, who will frequently hold hands with whoever she is sitting or walking with and is such a sweet lady.

    Have a wonderful day, Sandy.

  13. Our garden is in! One thing that we have tried, and doesn’t work for us is raspberries. So, I will be picking them at a local farm. We also enjoy the local farm markets and the opportunity to buy local.

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