Day 30. Colors. Feeling Autumn.


Colors of Autumn.

The colors are so deep and rich — burnt umber orange, gold, russet, crimson, dark green, maroon, and even the color of hay.

I love seeing these different hues of color.

In a fresh new tablecloth.

Lingering scent of a dark pumpkin candle.

Beauty of Mums.

I’m reminded of Autumn as I sit and wait in the car during my daughter’s violin lesson.

In my own backyard.

Root vegetables.

Colors that fill a canning jar (smoked zucchini salsa).

So much beauty.

So much richness.

The colors of Autumn are only going to impress us more in October!

You can just feel their presence.

Penetrating your being.


Since today is the last day of September, I’d love to hear what has inspired you about this Autumn season?

I want to also thank all of you who’ve followed along with me for 30 days! It’s been a delight for me to journey through this splendid month of inspiration with you!

Catch up on Days 1-30, HERE. :)

4 comments on “Day 30. Colors. Feeling Autumn.”

  1. I have loved this series, and your photos are stunning, Sandy! The pumpkins everywhere are inspiring me…I bought two for my front porch this year!

  2. Sandy, this series has been a delight! Fall is my favorite season, I love everything about it. The colors, the food, the coolness that breaks the summer heat, the smells of harvest feasts are a welcome treat for me. Your photo of that pumpkin is wonderful, it glows! Can’t wait for October.

  3. Thanks, Sandy for another great 30 days series!

  4. I love the colors of autumn, they definitely inspire me. I have done more fall decorating this year than in years past. But the food is the biggest inspiration, I love fall produce!

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