Leftover Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich and Sprucing up the Strawberry Bed

Today’s Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich is delightful, using up leftover St. Patrick’s Day corned beef!

Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Friends!

As the days lengthen, we find ourselves outside more in the evening, working in the garden beds, planting flowers, doing a bit of “spring cleaning” in the flower beds. Even though we live on a city lot, it’s big enough that it takes a lot of our time to get the backyard and garden beds ready for summer.

One thing I like to make for lunch, for yard work days, is a good ol’ sandwich or wrap, using up any leftovers, so this time I made a Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich.

Using up leftovers.

We love leftovers. I’m always amazed at the families who say, “my husband won’t eat them,” “they just sit in the fridge untouched,” “we hate leftovers.”

Well, our families eats every single bite of leftovers. Quite simply, we think the flavor is much better the day after, or the next day after …

My husband loves my concoctions with leftovers.

Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich

Corned beef, Swiss cheese, beets.

This time I used leftover corned beef, swiss cheese, beets … well, you can read the rest of the recipe below.

And what’s better than Naan bread? Tieghan made her own Naan bread, but I bought mine. Still delicious.

Strawberry beds

Garden update: strawberry beds.

More about strawberries. We bought the starts from the local Grange. (Above photo is what they look like.)

Strawberry beds

Tristar berries.

Every few years you need to pull out old strawberries and plant new.

This year was the year for us, as we planted Tristar Strawberries. We took out the raised beds, put down pavers (easy for maneuvering through the beds while picking), and mounded the beds.

It should be easier to pick this year, as well as creating greater yield. (Hi, Haggis!)

Strawberry beds

Now they’re coming up – little tiny plants but I cannot WAIT for the full harvest. (Hi, Hobbes!)

Strawberry beds

Oh, and that is our herb bed in the back. It will be bursting with herbs in a few months.

What’s your favorite way to use leftovers in a sandwich or wrap?

Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich
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Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich

Delicious using up leftover St. Patrick’s Day corned beef!
Prep Time5 mins
Servings: 5 minutes


  • Corned Beef sliced
  • Swiss cheese sliced
  • Roasted beets sliced
  • Mustard and Mayonnaise
  • Micro greens


  • Layer all ingredients between Naan bread. Sprinkle with micro greens.
  • Cut in half and serve.

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17 comments on “Leftover Corned Beef Swiss Naan Sandwich and Sprucing up the Strawberry Bed”

  1. Next year is our year for replanting the strawberries, though, after last year’s disappointing harvest I should possibly consider doing it after the snow thaws. I love the naan with corned beef.

  2. Leftovers make the best new meals. This look so good!!

    Excited to see your strawberries!

  3. These look positively divine, Sandy! And good luck with the strawberries! I will live vicariously through your lovely garden!

  4. There is nothing like sitting in the garden and eat strawberries right off the vine!

  5. I adore leftovers, too! I was happy to see you included the variety of strawberries. I have a space to plant some this year, yay!

  6. This looks wonderful Sandy. I have to admit, I haven’t checked in for a bit. You blog was always a daily hit for me, I really enjoy it. Illness and just life in general took over for the first half of 2014. I so missed your little corner of the internet! I’m glad to be back. I’ll be going back and reading what I missed. Looks like I missed a lot of good recipes! So glad to re-connect again.

  7. Leftovers lend to some wonderful creations, just like this! Looking forward to seeing the results of your strawberries! :)

  8. I am a leftover queen! I cannot wait to have corned beef for dinner tonight and a sandwich tomorrow. Love it! I also cannot wait to get my garden going, I did not know about the strawberries, so thank you. I’ll get out there this week and remove the old berries to plant new ones.

  9. I can’t comprehend not eating leftovers. I’m with you. We have a tradition of making paninis for dinner every Thursday & it’s likely they’ll include leftovers. I’ve never had roasted beets in a sandwich but I love the idea! Can’t wait to see some greenery springing to life here in Connecticut.

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