Day 20: Summer Entertaining GIVEAWAY from National Pork Board

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for previous posts in this series) :)

Grilling is a big part of summer entertaining, so today’s post is a very exciting one!

Back in May, I was invited by my cute and inspirational friend, Marla Meridith, from Family Fresh Cooking, to attend a wonderful evening with … the National Pork Board. It was called a Pork Crawl, hosted by Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen. Basically, a group of bloggers went to some of the finest restaurants in Atlanta, where chefs created pork recipes in ways I’ve never experienced before.

Lori @ Recipe Girl, Angie @ Bakerella, Jenny @ Picky Palate, Jaden @ Steamy Kitchen, Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer, Georgia @ Georgia Pellegrini, Marla @ Family Fresh Cooking, not pictured Carrie Minns @ La Pomme De Portland, and photo credit by Amanda @ Kevin & Amanda

And the night didn’t end there … when we got back to our hotel room, we were given a gift of great cooking tools and spices for making our own pork chops when we arrived home. (Items in very top photo – my favorite? The grilling pan and juicer! Both awesome!)

Yesterday I shared this fantastic recipe that our family enjoyed for an early Father’s Day celebration using fresh pork chops and glazed apricots.

Today I am sharing with YOU the exact same items I received from the National Pork Board, to give away here at RE to ONE LUCKY WINNER!

As the generosity continues … here are the items I’m giving away here on RE today:
Pork Be Inspired brand Apron
Pork Be Inspired Brochure
Digital Meat Thermometer
Cuisinart CCJ-100 Citrus Pro Juicer
Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer
Norpro Grip-Ez Jalapeno Pepper Corer
Cuisinart Grill Pan (I’m most excited about this!)
Dry Ingredients (Salt, Light Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder)

If you are interested in receiving this generous gift from the National Pork Board, leave a comment and tell me:

What is it about summer entertaining that stressed you out?

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Contest ends Wednesday at midnight, 6/22/11. Winner announced Thursday, 6/23/11 on RE.

(Very top photo credit of giveaway items from Carrie, La Pomme De Portland.)

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

177 comments on “Day 20: Summer Entertaining GIVEAWAY from National Pork Board”

  1. What stresses me out is if everyone will be bored. Will conversation flow, will people just sit around staring at each other?

  2. Follower of your blog!

  3. Face booked about the giveaway!

    Simply Sara

  4. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  5. New Facebook fan of RE!

    Sara Haga Gore

  6. One thing about summer entertaining that stresses me out….worrying that I will run out of food/drinks!!!

  7. I just posted on Facebook, too (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to link a post from FB).

  8. I “liked” you on Facebook, too! :)

  9. What stresses me out? Living in south Florida where it’s hot and humid and too uncomfortable for me to be outdoors, which is where I’d rather be most of the time! I love this giveaway!

  10. I just liked you on Facebook!

  11. Thankfully, and surprisingly, nothing stresses me out about summer entertaining! It’s the most relaxing and forgiving season within which to entertain as everyone is always so much more laid-back during the summer months. Also the food is normally grilled and lighter than that which is served in the dark months of the northwest. And thankfully, our patio also has a large covered area that comes in very handy when the frequent and unpredictable rains fall here in Seattle!

    Great giveaway BTW!

  12. I posted this to my FB page
    eyewonit AT aol dot com

  13. I became a follower of Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook (nancy reid)
    eyewonit AT aol dot com

  14. I tweeted from @sandyCoughlinRE!/SandyCoughlinRE/status/83194417179140098
    eyewonit AT aol Dot com

  15. What stresses me out about summer entertaining is the volatile Florida weather.
    Although it is not unusual to have a short afternoon thunderstorm, it can rain
    at the drop of a hat from one block to the next. In addition, tropical storms can threaten
    your longer range plans for instance July 4th cookout . When that happens everything
    has to move into the house. Not always the best of situations particularly when lots of kids are involved! eyewonit AT aol dot com

  16. I tweeted your giveaway (username: photopupil)

  17. as a farm girl from a hog farm in MN i say yay to the national pork board goodies! i can’t think of much that can stress me out about summer entertaining; anything summer can throw our way (mosquitoes, storms, busy schedules) seems like a cakewalk after the crazy-long winters up here!

  18. I’m following you on Twitter

  19. I’m now following you on FB. Glad I found you!

  20. What great give-away! I get stressed trying to make sure it’s “all good”. I always start with what seems like a simple plan, but then I worry myself to death trying to do it ALL.

  21. We hosted a 4 day family reunion for my husbands side of the family. Although we have been married for 9 years, most of them I have only met twice, and some of them not at all.

  22. The most stressful part of summer entertaining I think is picking a weekend that most people dont have other plan so that everyone can get together at once. With the warmer weather it seems everyones schedules gets booked up fast!

  23. I have a very small house 900 square feet, so when I entertain I like to go outside, the thing that stresses me is the bees.

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